Year of Sundays

About Joel Gunz

As a professional journalist, humorist and advertising writer, Joel’s bylined work has appeared on McSweeney’s Internet Tendency and in The Oregonian, Commerce Magazine, Northwest Palate and other periodicals. He is author of two additional blogs and The latter, which enjoys a large international following, has been dubbed “The best Hitchcock blog on the Internet” and has landed him two appearances at The 39 Steps on Broadway.

He can be reached at:

About Amanda Penelope Westmont

Amanda is seeking a publisher for her novel Gravy. She has also been a professional blogger since 2003, producing content for Disney Corporation’s, as well as and With well over a million page views, her personal blog,, has enjoyed wide success. Though she hates the term “mommy blogger,” she digs being recognized in airports.

She can be reached at: