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We started with We Shall Overcome and now three adorable Jewish boys in yarmulkes are singing Isaac & Ishmael with crackly voices. Beautiful.

I can’t talk about going to Synagogue without talking about Rebecca Long, my grade school BFF. We were attached at the hip for a good chunk of our childhoods, which, in hindsight, makes her just as much a sister as […]

This post is for my wise friend David, who, though he never adopted Judaism, remains my rabbi without a cause. Rabbi Michael Z. Cahana, who makes angsting about the meaning of existence look easy — even downright fun!   People […]

Call us gluttons for punishment. But this weekend, it wasn’t enough to fill up on one church service. We had to go back for seconds. And so, on Friday evening, we shlepped over to the Reformed Jewish synagogue of Congregation […]