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So often we are distracted by things that seem to run our lives. From the mundane routines that we have to do in order to keep things flowing in our day to day lives, to the chaos we feel when […]

There is no one that loves you more than God does. Not your family, friends or significant other. God is the only one who truly knows your heart. He knows what you are thinking before you even think it. He […]

God is the number one healer of everything.  He can heal anything and everything. He can heal every sickness, disease and even save us from dying. God’s power literally knows no bounds. Sometimes you may wonder how people in your […]

Doubt can cause many fears and many sleepless nights. It can even cause sickness such as stomach ulcers and other sicknesses.  Doubt can cause you to question everything and everyone in your life. If you doubt someone in your life, […]

  Psalm 23 is a powerful Psalm that is used by many people when they are in distress. It is a psalm they turn to whenever something difficult or even horrible happens in their life. It is a psalm that […]

Negativity is the way to ruin. If you’re negative all the time you will miss all the joys of this world and of your life. Waking up negative makes you a hard person to be around. If you’re always upset […]

So many people think that it is by good works that we get to Heaven. If we get good recognition or good grades, or people notice us doing something or a lot of things for other people, then that may […]

Have you ever been in a situation where you literally felt like you had no way out of? You aren’t the only one who had felt like that. There are many characters in the Bible who probably felt trapped in […]

Who do you say God/Jesus is? Do you think He is both God and true man, both our savior and messiah? Or do you think He could be or is a phony, a lie that has yet to be discovered? […]

“If We Ever Needed You” by Casting Crowns is a song off one of their earlier albums “Until The Whole World Hears”. The song talks about how we end up turning away from God until our lives become chaotic. The […]