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Don’t let things get you down in life. When one door closes, God always opens another one. When a door closes, then praise God in the hallway. Ask Him to remove the doubt that Satan keeps putting into your head. […]

Have you ever thought about giving up? Have you ever thought something was too much to take? Have you ever asked someone you love how to not give up? Have you ever thought about quoting something because it seemed to […]

Have you ever noticed that we treat our friends, family and coworkers and even people at church, differently, depending on which group we are around? Have you ever noticed how differently you treat certain people depending on where you are? […]

Happiness is a choice. Finding happiness requires a lot of hard work. You have to work at it every day. You have to work at finding joy in life every day, even on your hardest day. Not only will your […]

Celebrate your life and the time you have on this earth. Celebrate when something great happens in your life. Celebrate with others when they have a new birth in their families. Celebrate with your friends and family members when they […]

  Happiness is a choice. You have every right to be happy in your life no matter the circumstances. Just like every other emotion. If you’ve never really seemed to be happy in your life, take the time out for […]