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Have you ever felt like no one knows you or that no one pays attention to you? Do you feel like everyone doesn’t know the real you? Do you feel like other people judge you because of the things you […]

Casting Crowns just released another beautiful song called “Oh My Soul”. It tells the story of how every single one of us worry in life. It also explains how to get rid of that worry by trusting in God and […]

“If We Ever Needed You” by Casting Crowns is a song off one of their earlier albums “Until The Whole World Hears”. The song talks about how we end up turning away from God until our lives become chaotic. The […]

I had recently done a blog on a song by Casting Crowns to go along with the series of blogs that I’d like to call-Stories Behind Songs. This blog focuses on another song by Casting Crowns. “Just Be Held” is off their […]

Over the next few blogs, I’ve decided to interpret some well-known Christian songs and try and dig deeper into what the meanings behind them are. Today, I’m focusing on a song by Casting Crowns. “Praise you in This Storm”, by […]