We Wait He Works

We Wait, He Works is all about telling people about how God can change their lives, their perspectives about life and how He is always working in any situation. The author, Alexis Wohler, is a freelance writer from Seven Hills, Ohio. Contact her at

It is okay to admit that you’re not perfect. It is perfectly okay to not be 100 percent at certain times of your life. There will be days, and there probably were days where you felt like you were all […]

Have you ever wondered how God actually proves to all of us that He exists? He does so in many different ways. He can get your attention just by having you spend time with your friends and family that you […]

Whenever someone tells you to hold on just a little longer, how do you feel? Whenever you are at the end of your rope, and you’re told by your trusted friend or family member to trust God and that “Everything […]

If you are always worried about the situations in your life, you can either choose to suffer or pray, instead of worrying. Have you ever had someone push you to pray? Have you ever thought of what push can stand […]

Isn’t it an amazing feeling to forgive someone for something they did wrong? Isn’t it an even more amazing feeling to be brave enough to ask someone for forgiveness for doing something wrong to them? If they forgive you and […]

What are some great verses and reminders for marriage? The Bible is the perfect tool to use to see what a marriage should be like and how you should treat your significant other, husband and wife. Why is it the […]

Life isn’t perfect but it’s full of perfect moments. Embrace each perfect moment and look for the perfect moments in your everyday life. Be grateful for your blessings instead of looking at every trial as a curse. Any trial can […]

Use every opportunity to teach about God. Good or bad. No matter what you may think people will say to you or about you, you can use your experiences and your circumstances to tell others about God. There is Never […]

It’s good to pray for yourself: pray for your dreams, pray for wisdom, ask God to help you overcome difficulties. That’s important, but don’t stop there. You have the ability to help someone else reach their destiny. There are people […]

Have you ever heard the expression “Your body is a temple”? This saying might surprise you.  You might ask how your body can be a temple. However, the topic of your body being a temple is actually found many times […]