We Wait He Works

We Wait, He Works is all about telling people about how God can change their lives, their perspectives about life and how He is always working in any situation. The author, Alexis Wohler, is a freelance writer from Ohio. Contact her at

If you were a disciple of Jesus, what would you feel? How would you feel if you heard Jesus say that He was going to die? Would you feel terrified, sad, overwhelmed? What thoughts would go through your mind? Would you […]

Have you ever wondered what Pontius Pilate thought about when Jesus was set before him during his trial? Have you ever wondered why they chose him to choose who to sentence to death, either Jesus or Barabas? In John 18:28-40, […]

Living with anxiety is not an easy thing to do. It is a daily struggle. Anxiety can make us second guess ourselves. For anyone struggling with anxiety, you know this struggle all too well. It’s not an easy thing to […]

We all have had days where we just want to vent and complain about everything that is going on around us, and even within us. Some days it’s harder than others to remember just how blessed you are because of […]

Have you ever had to wait for things to come to pass in your life? Have you ever waited expectantly only to have your hopes dashed or even snatched right out from under you? When that happens, it feels as though […]

Anxiety is real. Anxiety affects so many more people than you’d ever expect. For those who don’t have anxiety, consider yourself very blessed. You might think you know what anxiety is. You might confuse it with what it’s like to […]

Have you ever noticed that some people just seem to have that sense of peace and security and even hope in their lives and for their future? Do you wonder where it comes from and how you can obtain that […]

When you find out something about someone that you didn’t expect to find out about them, what is your first reaction? Shock, anger, awe, utter denial? All of those feelings are allowed. But the hardest thing to remember in those […]

  You can have a healthier and happier life if you can learn how to give up some of the stressors in your life over to God. Don’t be afraid to reach out to God when you need help. Don’t […]

Have you ever had one of those days where you are trying to be happy, yet you just don’t understand why you feel down? You tell yourself that life isn’t that bad and you pray for peace. Sometimes peace comes […]