We Wait He Works

We Wait, He Works is all about telling people about how God can change their lives, their perspectives about life and how He is always working in any situation. The author, Alexis Wohler, is a freelance writer from Ohio. Contact her at

“Life is an uphill battle. But it’s our choice whether or not we make it up the mountain. We can choose to give up or keep climbing to see the view at the top. The view is almost always worth …Read More

We often don’t realize how fortunate and blessed we are when it comes to freedom in the United States of America. We often forget that other countries don’t even have the same freedoms we have. For instance, in Iran, In …Read More

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Worry is not only a waste of time, but it’s also stupid. Worrying does nothing to improve your life. It only holds you captive to your own thoughts of “what ifs”. The what-ifs in life can keep you from reaching …Read More

Guilt is a tricky thing. Have you ever asked for forgiveness for something only to have Satan remind you of what you have already asked for forgiveness for at a later time? Have you ever been trying to complete a …Read More

Most of us learn the golden rule in kindergarten or even pre k. The world calls it karma but it’s nothing like karma. It’s not an “eye for an eye” kind of deal.  That’s not how it works! Jesus was …Read More

Love is not only a feeling in your head, heart, soul, and mind. It’s a choice that you make every day. You have to choose to love yourself even on your hardest days. If you choose to love yourself no …Read More