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Have you ever noticed that we treat our friends, family and coworkers and even people at church, differently, depending on which group we are around? Have you ever noticed how differently you treat certain people depending on where you are? […]

Noah is one of the only people in the Bible that find favor with God. None of his relatives, wife or children was ever said to have found favor with God. Only Noah did. Noah seemed to have unwavering faith […]

Jesus was able to walk on water, literally. He enables us to do the same in our faith walk. He was able to walk on water to teach both Peter and us how to keep our faith in Him. It […]

Is there something you’re struggling with in life? Chances are there is always something that we struggle for. How about a relationship with one of your loved ones? God sees the struggle you are having. Do you struggle to put […]

Patience is a virtue. This saying has been around forever. Exhibiting patience can be an extremely hard aspect to get used to. We are all so used to getting everything we want, at a moment’s notice. We want everything done […]

Loving your enemies can be a very hard concept to understand. How could God expect us to love those who hurt us, mock us, ridicule us, make fun of us and so many other things? It’s because Jesus gave His […]

I heard in a church sermon once that there’s a difference between good anger and bad anger. Good anger is feeling angry about someone who is doing wrong towards you or someone else. Bad anger is just being angry for […]