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A number of U.S. embassies will close Sunday in response to “more than the usual chatter” of a potential terrorist threat, and could remain closed into the next week. Other U.S. interests, including military posts, were also expected to boost …Read More

Watchwoman: Please explain to me, how can Obama declare the War on Terror over????????????????????? When they are still plotting to terrorize us??????????????????? ▬  Donna Calvin ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Item #1 of 2 Al-Qaida releases video of American hostage Posted on May 7, …Read More

Watchwoman: May 1st is special to communists/anarchists  because it is May Day, a communist holiday.  Occupy Wall Street protesters announced that they had planned bombings all over the USA for today. Was this a part of that?  Did OWS inspired …Read More

Elderly US woman lands plane after pilot-husband dies Helen Collins had taken basic lessons in taking off and landing 30 years ago An 80-year-old US woman with little flying experience has staged an emergency landing in Wisconsin after her pilot …Read More

By Mark Whittington | Yahoo! Contributor Network COMMENTARY | President Barack Obama has suffered the second embarrassment over oil imports within the space of a week. Brazil, whose offshore deposits of oil were sought by the Obama administration, has signed …Read More

Headlines and links found at ‘HOMELAND’ DETAINS U.S. SENATOR WHITE HOUSE SIDES WITH TSA _________________________________________________________________ Rand Paul refuses patdown… ‘I was BARKED AT: ‘Do not leave the cubicle!’… ‘Police state growing out of control’… On way to Senate, March …Read More

Watchwoman:  I have a solution, but wussy, pussy, pantywaisted, PC pukes will utterly cut this down because they’ve been brainwashed by public government communists (aka the gentle and kind-hearted liberals).  Train the bus drivers in the usage of lethal weapons. …Read More

TSA removes security screener for note telling passenger to ‘get your freak on’ By Keith Laing A Transportation Security Administration airport security worker has been removed from checking baggage because of a note with sexual implications he left for a …Read More

Watchwoman: Do you believe that cancelling OnStar will protect you from being tracked by the government in light of the first story – OnStar will track you even if you cancel service  . . . Don’t ever forget that GM is really …Read More

Steinbergers Had Just Gotten Off Flight From Israel, Forgot About Kid’s Snack August 11, 2011 11:59 PM A local family was fined $300 by Customs officials at Newark Liberty Airport for not declaring an apple, tomato and three cucumbers it …Read More