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Planned Pedators Annual Report ______________________________________________________________________________________________ (As Pastor Ernie Sanders always calls this bloody-baby-murdering-for-profit machine that steals your pro-life tax dollar$ in legalized murder for hire) _______________________________________________________________ By Penny Starr January 3, 2012 ( – According to its latest annual report, the Planned Parenthood […]

Watchwoman: So how do you like being forced to pay to murder the unborn?  Planned Parenthood has nothing to do with parenthood.  It is a business.  A huge business whose product is the same as that as Satan and Murder, Inc.! […]

WATCHWOMAN PROCLAIMS IT’S GOOD NEWS! – I applaud the leadership and courage of Rep. Virginia Foxx, a Republican U.S House member from North Carolina, for sponsoring this amendment to prevent tax dollars being used to train how to murder the most […]