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Calvin’s Commentary: The article below is most interesting concerning the topic, “Is obesity written in our genes?” Most assuredly, I believe it is.  I have found that the best way for people I have met and interacted with in my …Read More

Dear Watchwoman on the Wall readers: I have four dear friends who have been deeply affected by Alzheimer’s.  Two are in nursing homes and two are being cared for by loving spouses who miss dreadfully the love, affection and relationship …Read More

Watchwoman: Re: Philadelphia Food Police to Eradicate ‘Food Deserts’ I have battled with my weight all of my life, like most people battle with paying taxes!  I hate it!  I eat very healthy, but nevertheless, I have always been the …Read More

Attention:  All pro-lifers, no matter what you’ve heard, Obamacare pays for the wanton murder of the unborn in bloody killing mills all across America!  Stop the blood and stop the murder of the unborn with your tax dollar$!  Stop Obamacare! …Read More

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