Wait, Has That Always Been There?

>Don’t want to let this go without saying something about it. Like you, sometimes I come thru a time of scripture reading or sermon listening or lesson hearing, and just get absolutely NOTHing out of it. Sometimes it’s the preacher or teacher’s fault, for being dull or unorganized or lightweight or any number of things. (Of course, it’s never Scripture’s fault!)

But most of the time, it’s my fault. Too tired, or distracted, or just unable or unwilling to make myself focus and think. That’s what it was today. Too tired to think hard about it. Worked at busy stuff all day, just to keep going. Stuff that had to be done, but that didn’t take much thought. Some days are like that.

I’m sorry if that seems “un-preacherly”. But that’s how some days are. I think that God understands that. I hope so, anyway. You’re welcome to disagree.