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…now has official versions in German, as well as Italian (perhaps Benedict originally wrote it in German, who knows.) Teresa Benedetta has done an unofficial translation, and it is here. Another unofficial translation, on a link a little easier to […]

Here’s the schedule of celebrations over which the Pope will preside in the next few months, as well as beatifications that will be performed around the world. OCTOBER – Sunday, 21: 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time. Pastoral visit to Naples. […]

Today’s General Audience: In a fresh appeal for Christian unity, in particular between Catholics and Orthodox was made by Benedict XVI today, who at the end of his general audience asked the faithful to pray for the successful outcome of the […]

In between the fiction, I’m currently reading God and the World, the third interview book then-Cardinal Ratzinger did with Peter Seewald. I was inspired to read it by a citation from the book that someone quoted on a blog post […]

…all over the place, it’s from Marini to Marini: Il Santo Padre ha nominato Maestro delle Celebrazioni Liturgiche Pontificie il Don Guido Marini, del clero dell’Arcidiocesi di Genova and Il Papa ha nominato Presidente del Pontificio Comitato per i […]

Today, the Pope visited the diocese of Villetri-Segni, of which he was titular bishop when he was at the CDF.  Various articles about the visit are at PRF: At 8:45 this morning, the Holy Father Benedict XVI left the Apostolic […]

Today, at the GA, a Venetian gondolier met with the Pope – but it’s more than just a photo op: The 143-mile pilgrimage by water, sponsored by the Patriarchate of Venice and the M. Baschirotto foundation, was undertaken to raise […]

At today’s General Audience, Benedict returned to his discussion of the Early Church Fathers, turning to St. John Chrysostom. Vatican text is here, in Italian, except for the small section in which the Holy Father spoke in English. A full […]

Deacon Greg Kandra takes us back to Pope John Paul’s General Audience on September 12, 2001: I cannot begin this audience without expressing my profound sorrow at the terrorist attacks which yesterday brought death and destruction to America, causing thousands […]

The Pope’s homily from today’s Mass in Vienna: Of course, if we listen to today’s Gospel, if we listen to what the Lord is saying to us, it frightens us: “Whoever of you does not renounce all that he has […]