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How about….because I’m lame and hate thinking up titles to things? No? Okay…how about…St. Benedict?

I’m changing blogging gears. Patience please, people. Life changes, right? Here you go – visit early and often, and bring your smart, insightful and sensible comments along…please!

Well, here we go again. Again. I should probably give a prize to those who have been reading my blogs since 2001 – you certainly deserve it. Yes, that’s “blogs.” In Between Naps, Open Book, Charlotte Was Both and now, …Read More

…apparently not. March 1 in Birmingham… Yes, it snowed here last night and well into this morning. Was it predicted? I have no idea- I’d spent Thursday and Friday watching rain storms coming and arriving, and then slacked off the …Read More

Around this time of year, conversations about sacrifice tend to increase, and in Catholic circles, we look that whole business of “offering it up” – that once common phrase and practice, not so frequently heard any longer. Unless you’re me …Read More

One of the best ways to begin Lent is with the Holy Father’s message: From what I have said thus far, it seems abundantly clear that fasting represents an important ascetical practice, a spiritual arm to do battle against every …Read More

There is much going on and, you will not be surprised to know, a great deal of thought and emotion and prayer. In the past two and a half weeks, I have filled two Muji notebooks and should be completely …Read More

I have many people to thank – a couple hundred thank you notes to write, which I will start next week, I promise. People have been so generous, and I will go into more detail in a future post about …Read More

Imagine my surprise as I prayed over the past week – prayed the Mass, the Liturgy of the Hours, the Rosary – imagine my surprise when the words of the prayers did not include: Oh, God, bring Michael back or …Read More

This post is mostly for me, our family and Michael’s friends. If anyone who knew Michael has anything to add, please do so. Several people at the visiting hours quite accurately observed that Michael would abhor any sense of being …Read More