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…stay for the clips. Well, not exactly "quips." Just fine writing and cultural insight over at critic and biographer Terry Teachout’s blog. That’s not news to many of you, but what you might not have noticed is that Terry has […]

A story about a Kansas City couple, sustained by faith and love, who have been caring for their bed-ridden and severely disabled son for 52 years. For fifty-two years, Ted and Herminia Reyes have cared for their son like a […]

Jen Ambrose, despite being in China, offers a helpful Pittsburgh Sports/Catholic roundup

Willliam Kennedy (author of the Ironwood trilogy) reviews Cormac McCarthy’s latest in the NYTimes – an end-times/apocalyptic/messianic vision. There’s really no decent way to cut and past the review, though. So go for it. (And, as Matthew LIckona points out […]

From Inside the Vatican: In a remarkable historical find, testimony has emerged revealing that, in 1941, Pope Pius XII received a German Jewish visitor at the Vatican who was seeking help for certain Jews who were being held in an […]

Fr. Neuhaus on Cardinal Egan, in First Things. Cardinal Egan on Cardinal Egan, in Catholic New York Gerald at Closed Cafeteria notes Cardinal Mahony’s appearance on last night’s South Park. It’s kind of hard to make sense of. Well, sort […]

One of the other referenda of interest on election day will be South Dakota’s Referred Law 6 – the abortion ban in that state. Yesterday, a new bishop of Sioux Falls was ordained, and he something to say: Bishop Paul […]

CNS runs a story today that looks back: On a melancholy bend in France’s Atlantic coast, a narrow causeway leads across choppy gray-green waters to a low-lying deserted island. Ile Madame, in the River Charente estuary, is not mentioned in […]

The Irish bishops have been meeting with the Pope for their ad limina visits this week. The Irish church has, of course, been wrenched from its pedestal in Irish culture over the past 3 decades, not just because of the […]

This week, many French bishops have made their displeasure at any impending "freeing" of the Tridentine Mass or rapprochement with the SSPX known – in the French press and in Rome, with the Pope himself. (And remember, these are two […]