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Cardinal Keeler injured; retired priest killed: Cardinal William H. Keeler was injured in a car accident Saturday that killed another priest while vacationing about 60 miles outside of Rome, a spokesman for the Archdiocese of Baltimore said. A car struck […]

The Pope’s Regensburg address has been issued, as promised, with footnotes. Via Shouts in the Piazza

Marvelous column by Agnieszka Tennant at Christianity Today on the state of the Russian soul, inspired by her own experiences there Putin’s PR people joined the Beslan parents in a collective sigh of relief last July, when Russian forces killed […]

As we noted last week, the USCCB is sponsoring a meeting in Chicago today – a consulation on sacred music and the documents produced by the American bishops related to it. Here’s the Church Music Association of America’s statement: In […]

Rick Garnett of ND and Michael Stokes Paulsen of the U. of Minnesota in the Weekly Standard on the application of stare decisis to the partial-birth abortion ban: The application of Lincoln’s views to Stenberg, and to the Court’s upcoming […]

Many of you know that the issue of torture is one that has been absorbing the attention of Mark Shea at his blog, and, for example, in this Crisis article from a few months ago. Several other Catholic writers have […]

Part 2 of the NYTimes series on religious institutions and government regulation: Many issues raised – lawsuits alleging discrimination because of health issues, sexual harassment and age, as well as unionization issues. Rick Garnett on the series so far: I’ll […]

This past weekend up through today, the Pope met with several groups and offered thoughts here and there: Pilgrims from the region of Romagna came on Saturday: During Sunday’s Angelus, he celebrated the family as "missionaries of love." Last night […]

…room for one more view? I think so, if it’s Bishop Olmsted of Phoenix. Basilica Press is launching a series of booklets on various issues written by bishops. The first was introduced on Saturday, by Bishop Olmsted – his "Catholics […]

Terry Mattingly wants to know…