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At Mirror of Justice, Eduardo Penalver has reflections on a recent trip he made to Cuba. (1) Anyone who doubts the wisdom of the Church’s opposition to communism need only visit Cuba for a short while to become a believer.  […]

This is rather curious. During the big humongous LA Religious Ed Congress, Cardinal Mahony will answer questions in an online chat. The questions will be preselected from those submitted. This page I’ve linked is to the official site of the […]

Wide-ranging and long. From the Globe.

For those of you in Rome, Zadok’s got the rundown on how, this Friday, you can say hey to the new Cardinal(s) of your choice: Having been created Cardinals, their Eminences receive all-comers wishing to pay their respects.Last time round, […]

Some of you might be following the debate that’s broken out over the past year or so about new technologies that might be able to create entities that provide some of the experminental benefits of embryos without actually being embryos. […]

…who’s familiar with Capitol Hill, its workings, and the bishops, on the immigration issue: I noticed that this immigration issue has started popping up on the blogs.  It’s true that the bill creates a new class of felonyre illegal immigration.  […]

In First Things, Alan Jacobs on the Wheaton College dust-up Jacobs teaches at Wheaton himself and provides a fair and analysis of the situation. Many points worth considering, including this one, near the end: I think it is important to […]

Roaming Roman has a photo – and many more photos, as she always does, of great sites around Italy. Including, this week, Orvieto.

Well, what was it? What was going on last night in The Sopranos? Go the extended post for the word from the horse’s mouth – David Chase. I’m sort of surprised he’s not keeping us guessing this time.

Ramesh Ponnuru explains. The question is on the interpretation of giving assistance to the individual. Church officials are claiming that it would put sanctions on anyone who helps an undocumented immigrant, period, for any reason. That seems to be a […]