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Coming this fall from Scott Hahn: Ordinary Work; Extraordinary Grace: My Spiritual Journey in Opus Dei

……a blog, featuring, among other contributors, our friend and very early Catholic blogger Peter Nixon!

Which has the baby so excited he cannot sleep. I am telling you – this baby has been up since around 5:30 AM, and hasn’t napped yet. I have no idea what’s gotten into him – perhaps he thinks the […]

The USBishops’ website responding to DVC is up and live – my contribution is under "Truth Be Told." Also contributing are Opus Dei priest Fr. John Wauck and art historian Elizabeth Lev.

I knew at some point we would get over to the Vatican Museums, but I couldn’t quite bring myself to plan it. The lines and crowds at the place are notorious, and even in the old edition of the Georgina […]

I’m sort of out of them – the more interesting ones, at least. Katie has two disposable cameras that are currently being developed, and Michael took a couple hundred, so I’ll just wait until they get theirs set up, and […]

No visit to Rome with a teenager you would like to impress is complete without a visit to the Capuchin Crypt located under Santa Maria della Concezione . Perhaps you know the story – the chapel is decorated with the […]

In comments below, Fr. Keyes, aka The New Gasparian, asked if in our Trevi Fountain wanderings, we came across St. Gaspar del Bufalo. Well, as a matter of fact that’s one of the main reasons we returned. Ever since we […]