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Vatican Watcher has the reaction from the ground…rather defensive, I’d say.

Going to pay: Middle-class mothers in France could be paid up to €1,000 (£675) a month – almost the minimum wage – to stop work for a year and have a third child under a government scheme to boost the […]

Why would any doctor be obliged to do this?

Should this be the cover for my new book?

So remarks Zhou… The Chinese government refused permission for a delegation of the China Christian Council (CCC) to attend an ecumenical conference in Rome this week. At the conclusion of the conference, which gathered 150 participants from around Europe, a […]

Karl Keating on the indult Talk about a lack of "demand" for the old Mass will remain fatuous until a fair test is given. Thirty years ago, if you had asked around, you would have found almost no American who […]

Cleaning out the email box: Rich Leonardi has a sharp new look thanks to Christopher Blosser (I mean..his blog has a new look) Bill Cork is evacuating Amid all the really serious threats and destruction, I have to note a […]

Had some work that came my way all of a sudden…just finished, will try to blog some more in a minute before I head to Columbus.

This story about Senator Ted Kennedy blocking aid to private (read CATHOLIC) schools in a Katrina aid bill: Culture & Cosmos also reports that a prominent Church prelate said he was furious that aid to private schools had been kept […]