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I just opened this email…it was written an hour or so ago, and I guess the problem remains. Let us know if it’s fixed, Mark! Help! My blog has stopped posting new items and I don’t know why. Any techno-geeks […]

Here The right to life comes first. It precedes and undergirds every other social issue or group of issues. This is why Blessed John XXIII listed it as the first human right in his great encyclical on world peace, Pacem […]

….aka The Catholic University While an open marketplace of ideas is ideal for a secular university, such a marketplace is detrimental to a traditional Catholic university. From the first inception of Catholic education, the goals have been twofold — to […]

Kerry to meet with McCarrick today. Kerry also is meeting Thursday with Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, the archbishop of Washington, D.C., and chairman of a task force studying the church’s stance toward politicians who don’t adhere to church teachings. Kerry, a […]

Says this Newsday columnist The Catholic hierarchy lost most, if not all, of its credibility and clout among Catholics and non-Catholics alike when it refused to admit its central role in the priest sex-abuse scandal. And the anger and distrust […]

Twice! Thank you very much. At least in this niche market. See Michael’s blog for the list! Books. For Sale. By the way, if you’re bored and if you have a moment, go to the Amazon page for the book […]

Stephen Moore wonders in NRO Rick Santorum is obligated to publicly back the incumbent Specter. Santorum believes, probably rightly, that he would not be senator today without Specter’s help. In a city where loyalty is notoriously a scarce commodity, Santorum […]