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Looking at the similarities and not being pleased “I was just stunned when I heard Gibson say this week that he was unaware of the harsh anti-Jewish stereotypes in Emmerich’s book,” Rudin said. On Wednesday morning, Rudin said he was […]

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Talking about That Movie A Jewish leader met with Vatican officials this week to ask them to restate church teachings on the Crucifixion, saying Mel Gibson’s new film contradicts the church’s position that the Jews as a people were not […]

As an addition to the post below from Emily, regarding abortionist Tiller, I’m posting this, from a reader. Pray for her continued healing and reconciliation. I know Emily is right because I am one of these women. However, this didn’t […]

That pop culture products, such as music, television and film have no impact on viewers! I thought that all of these bumping and grinding in videos and all of these sex talk on sitcoms (Flicking through the channels last night, […]

Emily reflects on the LATimes article about protests at Tiller’s mill that I blogged below I have worked with some of Dr Tillers patients. None of the abortions I know of were performed “for the physical health of the mother” […]

An interview with CT Ken Miller is professor of biology at Brown University. In addition to his specialized research, Miller—a practicing Roman Catholic—is the author of Finding Darwin’s God: A Scientist’s Search for Common Ground Between God and Evolution (HarperCollins, […]

Mahony issues priests’ names (Not an LATImes article – no registration required!)