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I’ve taken some heat in the comment section for using yesterday’s post on “unbiblical” and a “higher view of scripture” as a thin foil for my own disregard of biblical standards. To the contrary, I was pointing to the use …Read More

Scot asked a good question last week: How come people who are clearly not evangelical keep getting upset about what evangelicals do? He asks this in response to the semi-furor around Rob Bell’s (seemingly off-handed) remark to a newspaper reporter …Read More

This week, I’ll be consumed by the 2009 Emergent Village Theological Conversation with Jurgen Moltmann, an event that my company, JoPa Productions, is producing.  Here’s the Twitter feed of the event, so you can look on with us. <a href=””>#moltmann</a>

So yesterday, John Piper once again entered crazy-television-evangelist territory and blamed a small tornado that jumped over Minneapolis and toppled a steeple on Central Lutheran Church on the fact that the ELCA delegate were down the street discussing whether to …Read More

No, Dr. Moltmann hasn’t taken up tweeting.  But others of us have been tweeting about him in advance of his appearence at the 2009 Emergent Village Theological Conversation. If you tweet, and you’ve got a question you’d like us to …Read More

This summer’s conference for the Center for Biblical Equality will take place in St. Louis, July 24-26. And, scholarships are available for students. This year’s conference will address the formation of gender roles. Questions to be considered include: Are gender …Read More

Recently, Stanley Fish wrote about the problems with the way the liberal intelligentsia thinks about religion vs. science — or reason vs. faith. He was, of course, slaughtered in the comment section of his NYTimes blog by, um, the liberal …Read More

Last week, I spent time with some new friends in Canada. Most of them were church leaders in the United Church of Canada, the result of a denominational merger in 1925. The United Church is unabashedly liberal in its social …Read More

In the past, I’ve used this space to challenge advocates of Reformed theology to stand up to other advocates of Reformed theology. More specifically, my worry is that all of the press is going toward a particular version of “Reformed” …Read More