Through the Lens of Faith

Elizabeth Elliott is a staff writer at the Arlington Catholic Herald and a freelance writer. She majored in music and journalism at Creighton University. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from Creighton University. For over 20 years she has played flute for church-related events. She has written for America Magazine, Busted Halo and several other publications.

Another month is nearing its conclusion! It’s hard to believe how fast the months fly by anymore.  But with a new month can come new promises and new expressions faith. The door to a new month will open soon. What …Read More

It can be easier sometimes to stay closed off to others and even to ourselves. Things we haven’t processed yet or are frustrated by can keep us locked inside. When we are closed off, sometimes it is for a good …Read More

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Faith, like life, is not a smooth journey. There are ripples and ridges wherever we turn. Not all ripples are bad or harmful to our journey. When we make a positive move, it trickles down to another level. when we …Read More

Going through a transition can be difficult. Things are always fluctuating and can seem that being settled is pipe dream. Yet we know there can be greatness on the other side of that transition. We may be used to seeing …Read More

When I was a child, I wanted to be like someone else. The particular someone else varied from year to year or even month to month. It’s important for people to feel like they fit in. As we mature, we …Read More

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