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In his spiritual autobiography, Confessions Augustine tells the story of his wandering, painful quest to find true peace. He searched in philosophy and religion, in self indulgence and in self effacement. He found peace finally only when God found him. …Read More

Can you guess how many sessions it took with my sleep psychologist before I began sleeping through the night after ten years of insomnia? One. And one follow-up visit which was spent with me holding back the urge to bow in …Read More

During a long, dreary season of chronic insomnia, I also developed TMJ. (I was getting good at this stuff.) So when I was sleeping (which was rare), I was clenching my teeth, contributing to pain which also hampered sleep. But …Read More

Stay awake – on purpose – tonight. You might get to see the aurora, the northern lights caused by the largest solar storm to hit our planet’s magnetic field in about 8 years. And, there might be other benefits as …Read More

Do you wish you could just upload yourself to “The Cloud” for a night of restful sleep? Oh, if it could be that easy! I (Jill) was tired for ten long years. All the time for all that time. I recall …Read More

If you are reading this in the middle of the night, dear insomniac friend, please shut it down, and read a book instead. Pick it back up in the morning for reasons I (Jill) will explain later. For those of you …Read More