The Power of Positive Doing
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    My heart sank when I heard Mitt Romney’s videotaped comments to a group of  wealthy campaign donors. I so wanted to believe that he’s a good, kind, spiritual man – even though I disagree with his politics. I […]

On Viet Nam Moratorium Day in 1969, UCLA professor Warren H. Schmidt sat down to his morning writing. What flowed onto paper was a parable he titled “Is It Always Right to Be Right?” In it he examined the divisiveness […]

“If you ever publish with another house, you’ll be disappointed,” literary agent Julie Hill told me. “Berrett-Koehler has spoiled you.” We were both at a cocktail party in San Francisco, celebrating the fourth anniversary of Berret-Koehler, a small publisher with […]

A few months ago, I met a man named Kiley Jon Clark who teaches meditation to the homeless in San Antonio, Texas. My curiosity piqued, I asked him to tell me more about what he calls HMP Street Dharma (HMP […]

Stories. We all have them: “My father was a critical perfectionist and I was never good enough to please him.” “My mother was jealous and competed with me.” “My father is an alcoholic.” “My mother beat me.” “My children don’t […]

September 11 was supposed to be an auspicious day for Franz Metcalf and me: It was the day of our first author event for our new book, What Would Buddha Do at Work? The book had just been published and […]

I met Steve Jobs about 20 years ago when a Silicon Valley headhunter called me regarding a job opportunity at NeXT, the new computer company Jobs had founded after he left Apple in the ’80s. NeXT was growing and Jobs […]

“There’s no place on the map called ‘Safe,’” a wise therapist friend told me many years ago, and her words came back to me as I read Marie Lawson Fiala’s new book, Letters from a Distant Shore. Her story reminds […]

“The term ‘homosexual’ is really a misnomer when it comes to lesbians,” Kristin Katalin told me when we sat down to talk recently. “The more appropriate term would be ‘homoemotional.’ For most of us, it isn’t about sex so much […]

“Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be,” Abraham Lincoln once wrote. I’ve long thought so, too. Happiness seems to be a habit as much as anything – a habit of perception, a habit […]