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It’s been a hard week around here. Both Jasper and Emilia are sick. Tanner is declining. Life just seems dark and hard. But all it takes is a minute or two of flipping through some recent pictures of a wee […]

I get hate mail. I’ve gotten used to it, for the most part, but still: getting angry e-mails (or comments or Facebook messages) from people who don’t like something that I’ve written or – more often – the fact that […]

I’ve made a few resolutions for this year. Most of them are pretty ordinary: get more sleep, eat better, watch less television, learn to bake cinnamon rolls. Some of them are little more ambitious. One – my resolution to fully […]

Here’s the thing about doing good, and it’s a moral problem that philosophers and theologians have worried over for millenia: is there such a thing a pure altruism? Do we ever – can we ever – really do good without […]

Sisters and cousins and babies, oh my: a family portrait (me, my sister, and our children), as conceived and directed and shot by Emilia, age three and three quarters. Emilia has a very promising future with Sears Portrait Studios, I […]

I’ve written about prayer a few times here. I’ve been pretty clear that I’m ambivalent about the idea the idea of intercessory prayer – that is, of praying to God to intervene in the life of others, to save a […]

Last week, I wrote about prayer. I wrote about how prayer – a certain kind of prayer – centered me and calmed me during pregnancy. Mostly. I also wrote about how, in certain desperate moments, I resorted to petitionary prayer, […]