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I wrote this post four years ago today. Four years ago, when the girl – my girl! – was a wee baby and I already knew (that is: sort of, maybe, had a good guess about) what I was in […]

Four years ago, my daughter was born. Four years ago, I became a mom. My own mother used to tell me that she considered my birthday as much her day as mine, because it was the day she gave birth, […]

We had planned to make the big move – the move to the Big Boy Bed – last week, in the hopes that with the dawning of a new era of expansive bedspace for Jasper there would also dawn a […]

We’re just not sleeping around here. Like, never. Jasper goes to bed sometime between 7:30 and 8pm; Emilia, shortly thereafter. Depending upon work schedules, the extent of laundry build-up and what’s on television any given night, my husband and I […]

Yeah, um, don’t do that, ‘kay? Because, seriously. The sign says don’t pick up… … the baby pygmy… … Never mind.

This? Is Jasper. Throwing a fit. Which probably doesn’t seem all that extraordinary, in itself. Little boys and girls throw fits and hurl their little bodies to the ground and kick and scream. But there’s the rub: little boys and […]

Me to Jasper: Say Mommy! Jasper: Dad! Me: Say Mommy! Jasper: Dad! Me: Say Mom! Jasper: Dad! Me: Mom! Jasper: Dad! Me: Mom! Jasper: Dad! Me: Please say Mommy! Mom! Mom! Mom! Jasper: Dad Dad Dad Dad DAD! And so […]

This post is part of the online celebration of Baby Week, hosted by Discovery TV. Because what better way to celebrate babies than to relive the terror miraculous experience of giving birth to them? It was the most awesome experience […]

Yesterday was the first day of spring. I like spring. Which is, I suppose, nothing unusual. Everybody likes spring. What with the daffodils and tulips and morning dew and Easter Creme Eggs (sorry, Cadbury Creme Eggs) and bunnies and all. […]

Still Life with Developmental Toys 10 things I learned this weekend: 1) Martini shakers, when filled with ice, vodka and a whisper of dry Vermouth, make awesome rattles. Cocktail hour can be fun for all ages! 2) One very, very […]