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Before Emilia was born, I fussed endlessly about babyproofing. Never mind that it would be months before she would even enter the world, let alone move around it and find its electrical outlets: I was convinced that when it came …Read More

It’s Emilia’s birthday this weekend. Her dad made homemade birthday party invitations for her, and they kind of break my heart: I’d have invited you, but, you know, Emilia will only share so much cake. Also, I need to not …Read More

Emilia, at four years old, is a daredevil and a tomboy and a sports enthusiast and a thrill-seeker and an all-around rapscallion. To say that I think that’s awesome is extreme understatement. And sure, being a rapscallion tomboy means that …Read More

I wrote this post four years ago today. Four years ago, when the girl – my girl! – was a wee baby and I already knew (that is: sort of, maybe, had a good guess about) what I was in …Read More

It’s been a hard week around here. Both Jasper and Emilia are sick. Tanner is declining. Life just seems dark and hard. But all it takes is a minute or two of flipping through some recent pictures of a wee …Read More

These, if one goes by the picture above, are the reasons that my daughter loves me: 1) Candy2) Presents3) Make-up. The picture, she tells me, is of “a coffee rainstorm, which I know would make you happy.” So. If one …Read More

A four year old ninja hugs her little brother. There’s a metaphor here about the kick-butt power of love, but I’m having trouble putting it into words, so I’ll just let the picture speak for itself.

I’ve been struggling with depression. I’m always struggling with depression, in some respects, but it feels harder, these days. My husband asks me if I’m sad, and I tell him no, because depression is different from sadness, but there’s an …Read More

The Easter Bunny, Emilia informs me, is a fighter. “He can fight, Mommy. Because he’s big.” “Santa’s big, too.” “Santa doesn’t fight, though, because he doesn’t need to.” “Oh?” “He just has elves around him, and they’re happy and nice, …Read More