The Heart Guide

Sometimes, in order for us to be reborn, we need to enter into difficult times; suffering, confusion, loss, fear. During this period, we feel forsaken by the ONE, we forget everything we knew: our tools, our faith, our drive. We make decisions that don’t support our healing, because we do not know any better. These difficult periods serve a very specific purpose, that is integral to the renewal that we are praying for. It is virtually impossible to become wiser, stronger and more whole within our I AM, until we explore these often times unbearable depths of our soul.

In a recent Easter service I attended, the minister described this part of ourselves that experiences lack, fear and powerlessness as the “false self”. He encouraged us to use our awareness and recognize when we begin to think thoughts of insufficiency, scarcity, loneliness. From my experience, I also find it most useful to endure. Enduring means allowing these feelings of the false self and trusting that they deserve their own life, as they too are part of all that is, as all that is, is the I AM. The I AM, the great presence of the ONE true reality, is all there is. To negate our false self, is to negate the divinity in us as well. Experiencing the false self is a period of alienation, disconnectedness and paralysis. When we allow the false self to live, it is not so much that we feed it and give it life as with awareness, this war zone, the resistance and the suffering dissipates. Our awareness is enough to continue to survive and flourish while experiencing the false self.

The Truth that the false self carries, is that it is a small child, our inner warrior, that needs love. It is our child self, tugging at our heart strings asking for us to see it, to allow it to grieve, to get angry and feel lost. It is enough for us to aknowledge this inner child. It is enough for us to say, “Hi. Here you are!” The twists and turns that are part of the deep labyrinth of the inner reality take us into these difficult places. We are tried, tested and spit out into all kinds of experiences when we begin to move forward in this journey of life, inside this intricate labyrinth. When we become aware of the journey and stop engaging with the confusing plot, we allow space. Space allows healing. Through time, we will recognize we have become richer, more filled with love and stronger.

My message today goes out to anyone currently in the midst of this journey. This message is one that quietly calls you to keep going, to keep enduring, to keep experiencing. You will make it. Your dreams are coming true, even though you cannot see them now. Everything is just as it must be, in order for you to come into greater oneness, wholeness and love. Keep going. Trust your journey. Trust your transformation.

The quality of our life rests primarily on the decisions we make. The way that we make decisions is based on our mindset, our understanding of existing circumstances and either out of hope for progression or fear of deterioration. How we make decisions is the ultimate determinant as to whether we are merely existing or living life to its fullest.

Your “I AM” or rather the presence within you that is pure awareness, is completely unified with all things that complete you: peace, health, energy, love, joy, freedom etc. In your “I AM ness” your thoughts, words, behaviors and decisions are complete. This is the state of a complete embodiment of your soul, at which point nothing other than the pure beingness of your soul is able to determine the quality of your life. This means that everything you do, all your decisions are done and made with love, no matter the circumstances.

When we live our life by consciously doing all things with love, we are free. We are free because we are speaking the language of the universe which is love. When we speak the language of the universe, life is of service to you. Life is of service to you because you are a match to its frequency, which is pure love. The world is always for you, because your desires and the desires of the universe are ONE. You can not want something for yourself, if the universe does not want that thing for you either. This of course, presumes that your desires are in alignment with the good of all. If you driving a brand new Ferrari is a celebration of your achievements and increases your confidence and self-worth, through which you will become more outgoing and open – that’s in alignment with the universe. If you driving a brand new Ferrari is going to make you feel superior to others, that is not in alignment and you are not operating from a space of your “I AM ness”. Which is not to say that either scenario will or will not manifest a new Ferrari for you, it is to say that your experience of having or not having the Ferrari will be one of either pure love and happiness or one of separation and emptiness. No matter what we want, if we live a life of love, we will fulfill our desire and find lasting happiness in it, because we are living and making decisions form our “I AM ness”.

In some cases we feel like the universe has forsaken us. We pray for health, longer lives, and more money so that we can pay for our next meal, we desire being acquitted from painful and difficult experiences and totally feel let down when the universe switches gears on us and we experience death, separation, poverty, sickness and loss. We may lose faith in the Truth that we are full of love and happiness. We may forget our true nature. However, some of us will go through these experiences and treat them differently. We will look back on our suffering and realize it was a stepping stone for us to move forward. We realize that the universe’s nature is change, and that it has pushed us towards change out of love for us. We come back home to our source, to our knowingness that all is good and that all is “for us” and not against us.

I am discussing basic principles of the law of love and the law of oneness. However, my intention with this blog post today is to help my readers understand the incredible power of being in the moment. When we are in the moment, no matter what we are doing, we are consciously showing up in our lives. We are present to the sacred gift of life – just as it is. We create and allow space for gratitude and reverence. We open the gateway to love. In presence, when the ego checks out and your awareness checks in, you can always make a choice. Your choice can be based on old habits of rushing, focusing on the future, staying in your ego or your choice can be based on love. When you consciously choose love in the present moment your life transforms, quicker than in the blink of an eye. The universe becomes your servant, because the universe is now serving itself. Life is never against you, you have only ever been against yourself. So, my sweet readers, let yourselves choose love today. In whatever you are doing, saying and experiencing. Make it a practice to choose love in everything you do!

I have a yellow Orchid in my bedroom. This plant has gone through many phases, but it stopped flowering about two years ago. Within the past few months, I’ve noticed the stems drying up and big flat leaves at the bottom dying off. I’ve continued to water it, even though it is an unsightly plant. I’m not comfortable throwing plants out just because they’re no longer “pretty”. Anyhow, about two weeks ago this “dying” orchid let out a brand new branch, out of a dying branch. This branch began to grow and inch closer to the sun, comfortable in the warmth and temperature of the room. Soon enough, four beautiful blossoms are now weighing down this delicate branch. As I wait in excitement for a burst of yellow and pink colors to expose themselves on my little friend, I would like to share with you the lessons I’ve received from my observation.

The old can be very ugly. It can house a lot of pain, resentment, fears, abandonment, loss, deceit and this list goes on and on. We’ve all been through undesirable experiences in our pasts, some of us through more traumatic events than others. We carry these battle wounds with us deep in the subconscious mind and therefore in our emotions, thought patterns and even physical bodies. This weight of death, the belief in pain and in that which is not possible, takes away from the beauty in our life. Instead of waking up to living a life that is in alignment with beauty, joy and all the things that make existence fun, we work at jobs we don’t like, hold on to relationships that don’t serve us, treat ourselves in ways that aren’t loving and develop unhealthy addictions to cover up the “ugliness” in our lives.

Based on the lesson that my Orchid gave me, I see now that every biological intention is expansion into more beauty and joy. In fact, every human being is meant to live a life full of happiness, in which he is expressing his joy and creating more of it in his life. This joy is able to reach thousands of people. This is because we are all connected. My thoughts, moods, words and emotions affect everyone around me. When I am stressed and unhappy, it is not possible for me to have a positive impact on the people in my life. It is now more important than ever that we recognize what brings more joy into our lives and actually begin doing those things. Sometimes this will mean that we have to let other things go in order to embrace our authentic new reality. People, habits, jobs, projects, thought patterns and so forth, will need to fall away to make room for the new to come forward.

How do we embrace this joy that is the intention of every living thing? Just like I have to give my Orchid space and love to bloom, we too must understand that happiness takes time. When we are consistent with loving ourselves by surrounding ourselves with positive people, healthy activities and joyful experiences we allow stress, trauma, blockages and physical ailments to live out a much shorter life cycle. We are then able to go in the direction of what we love and who we are, versus staying with that which is unpleasant and heavy to carry.

In conclusion, I call forth all my readers to bring more joy into your lives by doing that which brings you joy. Prioritize your joy and know that if something is not bringing happiness into your life, it might just not be worth your energy or time!

Relationships create intimacy and connection in our lives. They are important for our health and well being, sense of self and growth. With the growth of technology many of us are connecting more frequently and easily than ever before. At the same time depression and loneliness is a rampant disease in our society, which is posing more than just individual health risks but also imbalances in our communities, schools, political systems and long term survival as a human race. More and more people are starving for a deep sense of belonging and connecting.

Our first and primary relationship is, most obviously, with ourselves. This means that we are forgiving, loving, patient and accepting to our own nature and any seeming short comings and past experiences that we have had. We do this by exhibiting pure positive focus in our lives. Positive focus not only helps to manage and prevent high stress levels, but also allows us to open up to our families, communities and society as a whole. Our true nature will always be kindness. Kindness as an instinct has been proven among small babies that exhibit comfort and concern when other babies are distressed, attempting to comfort them by sharing their toys, food, blankets and other belongings. Even baboon communities have been studied and observed to evolve softer and more loving traits within their species, as soon as the alpha males fell sick and began to die off. The human’s nature is a highly empathetic and ultimately instinctual when societal frameworks are deconstructed. Human’s employ subconscious behaviors like mirroring, or taking on another human beings emotions, purely by being in the same room with them. The world as a whole, completely interconnected, impacts its own experience based on its exercise of its very potential as an infinite being. This means that we have the capacity for unconditional love.

Once again, without unconditional love for our own delicate soul, we cannot create intimacy in external relationships. Because intimacy and connectedness is so critical to our happiness, we must slowly begin to break down all barriers that stand in our way of unconditional. The most important step to doing this is living an authentic life. This means that we are in alignment with our emotions. If something makes us feel good, we do it. If something makes us feel bad, we are willing to face whether the experience is truly unhealthy for us or whether we are just flat out afraid of it. In the practice of unconditional love, we pulverize the blockage that is fear by recognizing that our need for freedom and authenticity is worth more than the fear itself. We choose love because it feels better than fear and for no other reason.

This practice of love builds upon itself in a manner which eventually transforms into compassionate habits and the ability to honor your own needs. Honoring yourself means getting clear on what’s right for you and what you need in your life to feel good, secure and happy. This is not a practice of denial, but a progressive devotion to joy and lasting peace. When we couple an authentic life with authentic relationships that are based on real values, we connect deeply with others and create a way of life that is not only in alignment with our true selves, but in complete harmony with the universe. Our entire solar system, all the cells in our body and in fact, the earth’s eco system, works together to communicate within a network of energy to meet its own needs. These systems do not produce their own sustenance, but rather work together in a giving and receiving manner, in order to maintain the whole. One, who practices unconditional self love, builds the capacity within himself to give that same love out to the entire universe, knowing that they are completely dependent on the whole for their survival.

I decided to end the week with a question:

Are Your Thoughts Thinking You or Are You Thinking Your Thoughts?

This question is full of power and autonomy because our thoughts have the capacity to create or to destroy matter. In their simplest form, thoughts dictate our feelings, moods and behaviors. They have a tremendous impact on our well-being, stress levels, health, relationships and immediate reality. While I could easily get into the whole discussion of destructive subconscious thought patterns we’ve picked up from parents, society, media and so forth, my intention with this post is to help you realize your free will.

In being able to selectively shift your focus as soon as you become aware of a low vibrational thought, or rather a thought that does not make you feel good, you lessen the power that unhealthy, toxic, remnant and useless thinking has over you. From fear based thoughts to “zoning out” to using our mental space destructively like engaging in frivolous discussion, judgment and discontent we continually create unpleasant experiences for ourselves. In spite of the clutter filling the mental atmosphere, a continual process with checking in to see if you feel happy, excited, peaceful, loved etc. allows you to immediately bring yourself back to a place that is happy, loving, exciting, and peaceful through the selective focus on thoughts that feel good.

Most of us tend to just go through our lives experiencing and drowning in the total wild animal that is our mind. We never learn to tame this beast and most importantly, we never learn how to maximize the potential of the most incredible facet of the human race: consciousness. Our thoughts are the product of consciousness. Our consciousness is the “I Am”. Awareness on the other hand, is that by which one knows the “I Am”. To cultivate awareness, one has to practice non attachment. In meditation, for example, we are able to “extract” ourselves from consciousness into “Super Consciousness”, which is the presence of a heightened awareness. This is a state cultivated through practice, dedication and technique in which we become silent observers of our thoughts versus prisoners.

While using our thoughts for manifesting desires is an inherent part of this discussion, I should hope that my perspective is a useful and practical one that solely conveys that we have ownership and autonomy over our experiences. This power begins in the moment that we make a decision to change our thinking from a low vibrational thought pattern to a higher one. This decision is made within the realization that your thoughts are creating a foundation and thus a structure for a real life experience on some level and in some form.

The ideas which we conceive in our thinking have the potential to manifest into our desired reality only based upon the structure in which those ideas are held in our consciousness. This literally means that you can “think” your way into a million dollars, a new relationship, a better job, more friends etc. However, we cannot conceive a desired reality through simple, transitory thinking. Our thoughts must be much more powerful than that. In fact, our desire in and of itself is an idea within a structure. For the desire to fulfill itself, one would need to take up this one idea in a manner in which the idea becomes one’s life. One must think of it, dream it, and live it. The idea must be in the mind, but also in the body, the muscles, and nerves. One would need to be full of the idea. In sum, thinking is the first step to increasing the quality of your life and cultivating lasting happiness. We must put practices in place for ourselves that help bring us back into the beautiful, happy, loving and incredible people that we are!

Here are some easy and practical ways to help you decrease low vibrational thinking:

1. Practice Meditation or Yoga
2. Eat Whole Foods
3. Eliminate Alcohol & Caffeine
4. Limit Your Time with Negative People
5. Get Regular Exercise
6. Listen to Calming Music
7. Walk or Bike and Don’t Drive
8. Go Into Nature
9. Live With Intention
10. Write, Play Music, Make Art, Dance

After running a few errands this morning, I made my way home. As I approached my doorstep, I noticed an unusual array of belongings: a sleeping bag, a suitcase, a paper bag filled with newspapers and a pouch. Clearly someone homeless had left them by my doorstep. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I went outside to inspect whether there were any other unusual circumstances. Shortly, I made my way back to my porch, to be greeted by a man in his late 50’s. Surprised to see him, I said:

-“Oh, Hello! Are you okay?”
-“I think so.” he said “I should go.”
-“Where are you going?”
-“I ‘m not sure. Probably a park.”
-“How did you get here?”
-“I don’t remember.”
-“What happened?”
-“I can’t remember anything. I don’t know.”
-“Can I get you anything? Water, food?
-“Can I call someone for you?”
-“I’m not sure how I can help you then.”
-“Just let me go my way.”

The man then picked up all of his belongings. As we spoke for that short time, he was coherent but very, very lost and confused. I watched him leave down the sidewalk. He paused halfway down the aisle and then continued walking. Long after that experience, I sat home worried and wondering why I had experienced that. I see the world as in constant communication with me. I believe that everything I experience has a purpose. Life is full of depth for me and I experience everything very deeply. I was very confused that I could not help this man. I wanted to call someone for him and help him, but he wanted nothing.

Later today I had realized the great message I was given, and I have chosen to share it with my readers today. The homeless man on my porch, represented many people-not just the homeless. He was a symbol for all those who are lost. He did not want any food, he was not hungry. He did not remember where he came from. He did not know where he was going. He did not know where he belonged. He wanted to go his own way. He wanted to come home.

I call forth all of those who consider themselves leaders, teachers, those that are of service to mankind. May you know that you carry a great light and that you are a beacon of hope for many. May you know that you are here for a reason and that indeed you have a great duty to humanity and a place in life. Know that your place in the world matters. Know that you are here to help those that are lost to remember who they are. Know that you are here to lead those in confusion, to light. Know that there are many who need you. They have forgotten the sacred ways of life. They have forgotten to love themselves, to help others, to forgive, to let go. As a leader, be strengthened by your wisdom and live an honorable life through your actions. Live in harmony with all of life and all living things. Remember that when we have forgotten to live for each other, we do not live at all. Let us lead those who are lost, let us help them find their way home.

Once we have learned to transition from resistance to openness, we cultivate a much greater capacity for awareness. Awareness is not a mental “thing”, it isn’t really a thinking process or a rational or logical process in its totality. Reason cannot really exist in awareness, because awareness is absolute. In order for one to arrive at this great Truth, he must first come to know his “feeling” space more than any other perception.

The feeling space is the aspect of consciousness that is related to emotion. In a space of non resistance and non judgment to positive, negative or neutral emotion the human develops the capacity to expand their awareness to universal perspective. Universal perspective cannot really be written about, but rather must be experienced. This is why so many scientists and rational thinkers have hit blockages in their theories and formulas to explaining universal power and existence in general. My view here is one of experience; it is not right or wrong nor is it fixed.

From the feeling space comes the ability to develop beyond the five senses. We may feel and see light, hear bird songs, taste water and smell roses if we are present with our individual and even separate experience of this is “me” feeling “light” which is outside of me. But in an extra sensory space, we actually develop the ability to hear, see, taste, smell and feel beyond what is in our immediate space. Extra sensory abilities are deepened and opened as a result of an extremely sensitive feeling space, which is cultivated through awareness and presence. Within the extra sensory space we have the ability to perceive much more than what is limited to our time/space reality. The time and space reality is the obvious. It is you sitting at your computer, reading this material. Through the development of the extra sensory, you are still reading this post at your computer, but your awareness is much greater than the post and the computer. You might, for example, “feel” that your neighbor might be stopping by in just a moment and you will have to step away from the computer. Again, this is an EXPERIENCE and cannot be understood through reasoning other than the reasoning of universal perspective or oneness.

I decided to address this topic, because with this sudden onset of the yoga and meditation culture, many beings are coming into greater levels of awareness. Those of us that are still stuck in a mind set of separateness, but going through rapid changes in the evolution of consciousness might be experiencing conflicting emotions like anger, loneliness, fear, frustration, anxiety, insomnia and so forth. When our sensitive space begins to open through yoga and meditation, we become so sensitive that we can either process the energy like an earthquake or more subtly like a river. Everyone is different. Most people develop an extreme sensitivity to sounds, light, people, behaviors, diet and other physical elements.

The bottom line is that many of us reject fully exploring the different levels of consciousness in extra sensory abilities, because we are subconsciously afraid to let go of existing structures that awareness reveals to us. The key is to continue developing the “feeling” space through non resistance and merging deeper and deeper with universal law or love. When this process elevates to self mastery, you are no longer questioning your purpose or your identity. You have completely mastered your senses to serve you for the benefit of mankind.

Why is it important for us to merge our inner reality with the outer, and what does it mean to do that? I pose this insightful question to encourage those that are on the spiritual path to expand their awareness by putting their inner wisdom into practice. Once we’ve learned to listen to ourselves through a deep self acceptance, we are ready to begin merging with others, our environments and our passions. It would not be possible for us to unify with these things without first getting a good understanding of who we are as an individual and of course, as a spiritual being.

When I refer to the term “unify” or “unity”, I refer to the basic concept of creating harmony. Initially, we reach an understanding of ourselves by being open to the conflicts, shadows and disturbances in ourselves and in our lives. It is very tempting and easy to generate large amounts of wisdom and awareness and then to begin to feel separate and resentful towards others for not embodying these great teachings that are revealing themselves to us. We become self righteous spiritual leaders who aren’t truly relating to the world through an open heart, but rather in judgment and separation. There is always separation on the beginning of a spiritual path, because when we start this journey we begin to see all that is unlike God, as we are coming deeper into self-realization. It is not possible to achieve awakening with this mindset, as true awakening is the absolute realization of oneness, which is love and unity with all that is.

I write this post today, to offer some guidance as to how we can continue opening and growing on our spiritual journey. When we put our inner wisdom into practice, we will move more deeply into the embodiment of the Christ-like virtues and self mastery. Self mastery is a term that refers to the human’s ability to unify with universal consciousness and to live a life in alignment with your true self through connection and openness to ourselves and all of life. One of the best ways to move into self mastery is to relate to other people, not as you see them but as they actually are. We can do this by learning how to listen. Believe it or not, listening is a great challenge in a society driven by the need for self-realization. To be present is to become fully enraptured in the moment; it is to step out of a mode of projection and need, and rather into a space of trust, compassion and awareness.

As we relate deeply to others we will notice many aspects of ourselves rising and falling. As we begin to assimilate our experience of the other person, we lose touch with them and begin to internalize who they are through how they relate to us or through what they say means relative to us. The practice I propose is to listen without attachment. True listening is done with the heart. When we truly listen to another person we communicate with them beyond words. In fact, it is not possible to truly listen to another human being, without first acknowledging that they are sacred, divine carriers of universal light. In sum, we are unifying with others by recognizing their inner truth–their inner light. When you put this practice into play, you will notice riches beyond your wildest dreams arising and showing you pathways you did not know existed. Your life will come alive in meaning. You will establish rich and meaningful connections with other human beings, you will begin to see the reason for their beingness in your life, and you will learn to move forward without experiencing resentment, guilt and pain.

I invite my readers today to go through the rest of their day or evening connecting deeply with another person, even if it’s the barrista serving you coffee at Starbucks. Open yourself to a conversation with them and practice listening. Here are some practical steps to guide you on your practice:

•Notice the body language of the person you are speaking with.
• Pay attention to that person’s presence with you. Are they making eye contact?
• Become aware of the tone of voice they are using.
• Stay connected to them fully in the time that you are together.
• Are they speaking quickly or slowly?
• What energy are they exuding? Are they excited, hurt, scared, proud?
• Do they need you right now?

Happy Listening!

According to Freud, the personality is composed of 3 parts: The Id, Ego and the Superego. The Id is the pleasure principle. It is the part of ourselves that develops to meet our wants, needs and desires. The ego is the reasoning aspect of the Id. It is the part of ourselves that progresses forward to justify and self realize the aspects of the Id in a way that protects us from getting hurt or feeling grief. The superego is a deeply embedded consciousness which is composed of ideals constructed from society, our environment and our parents. The superego’s sole aim is perfection. What is the purpose of the personality and does it ultimately serve us or destroy us?

The consciousness is a sensitive relationship between the mental and emotional space. It is constructed, deconstructed and reconstructed through time, based on how we’re assimilating experiences. While we initially have natural tendencies, gifts and abilities that become embedded as part of this personality, through time we begin to acquire new ideas, observations and reactions that dictate to our consciousness how we can successfully go about meeting our needs. Hierarchically, every human has basic physical needs like food and water, followed by the need for safety-like health and resources. Thereafter, the human seeks to fulfill the needs of love met by friends, family and sexual intimacy and ultimately seeks self esteem and self actualization. Let me clarify that these needs are not separate. They are completely interrelated. In most cases, not having one of the needs met, affects your ability to meet the remaining needs of the hierarchy. Our highly complex and intelligent consciousness coexists with the complexity of survival and develops a coping mechanism that is primarily socially constructed, called the “personality.” We develop this personality in order to meet our needs.

We may only understand our personality through our relationship to others. The more conflict we have in our relationships either in the family, at work or romantically the clearer we can detect the story that we’re telling ourselves. Through time, our experiences cultivate deeply embedded belief systems. As we go through life and find that our needs are not always being met, we begin to manufacture ideas about the external and therefore internal reality. We come to believe that we are lacking something, that we are unlovable, that we’re not strong enough or good enough, that we’re powerless, insignificant, alienated etc and we embed these belief systems in our personality. As a result, the human will manufacture a personality to cope with these painful beliefs. In this sense, the personality is developed to protect and validate you, but ultimately pushes you further from your true self, which is pure love.

The personality is a creative presence. It is the self-created product of your emotional landscape. It is fluid and dependent on the internal reality for its existence. It evolves based on the conditions you believe will meet your needs. As we are living and operating in a universe driven by the law of oneness, it is important to note that we are all codependent on one another. It is not possible to meet all of our needs by ourselves. However, as independent creatures of infinite potential and free will we are able to create any desire to the degree that we are aware of the possibility of that desire. In other words, if something is impossible or unattainable for you, through the law of attraction you cannot actualize it. As you have believed, so it shall be. This makes possibility the single most important source of your happiness. If your personality is based on beliefs that love, health, wealth, survival, connection and safety are not possible, then you are moving through life as a prisoner of your insecurities.

When we see life in terms of infinite potential we are able to heal our misconstrued and dysfunctional beliefs, thus coming into union with our true selves. The True self knows that God is the ultimate creator and provider, and has complete faith in the laws of the universe. This faith deconstructs the falsity and insecurity of our own self-rejection, bringing us into greater alignment with all of life. As we come to embody a life that is aligned with God we enable a higher self to step forward. Let us live by the great words of the visionary Fyodor Dostoyevsky: “Above all, don’t lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others. And having no respect he ceases to love.”

Quite often we are faced with changes and the transitional period between one experience and another can sometimes be very difficult as we deal with loss, grief and the breakdown of existing structures. It is natural that we become afraid, hurt and displaced during these periods. Our existing structures serve as expressions of that which we love, that which supports us, that which defines us. When these things are challenged we are forced to most often let go and embrace the new. This issue that I would like to address today is attachment.

When we identify with something or someone and begin to source intimacy, money, pleasure, knowledge or other forms of contentment from them we feel validated, alive, safe, loved and happy. We attribute a specific structure to a positive feeling. This relationship causes an attachment to it. We become more or less attached to people, places, things and experiences depending on the type of inner conflict that gets resolved through the relationship. For example, you might be attached to your job because it gives you money. Money increases your self worth. If you believe money increases self worth, you must believe that without it you are unworthy. You are resolving an inner conflict embedded in your subconscious memory that is related to self worth through this job. As a result you are attached to the job. Anything we become attached to allows us to investigate the source of our inner conflict. For example, you may have had parents that did not speak to you in a constructive and supportive way and throughout your life you developed a false belief that you were not good enough. You will now continue to experience attachments to things that build up a seeming impression of self worth.

We have a right to want to feel loved, safe, worth, pleasure, etc, but in order for us to fully welcome and embrace new experiences in our lives we must integrate these inner conflicts embedded within our attachments. Attachments become most clear to us during periods of loss or transition. They can be viewed as positive indications that we still have inner work to do. They lead us to where this inner work must be done. Any time we experience a period of loss or transition, we must come to terms with the ideals we have created for ourselves and understand that they are mere illustrations of your own soul searching for self-love. The seeker in you is the lover. This makes your experience sacred. Only when we become fully aware in our lives and begin to consciously observe our own behaviors during these critical transitional periods, will we allow room for deep healing to occur. As we fully heal, we attract less and less attachments to things and decrease our suffering. The bottom line is: you cannot live this life without loss. Everything in your existence was, is and will forever be a coming and a going. This journey is set up for us to continually learn new lessons and grow deeper and deeper into self love and an expression of oneness. We will be resolving inner conflicts our whole life. To get angry at yourself for suffering because of a loss or lack is to deny yourself the possibility of happiness.

We are feeling creatures for a reason. We embrace the old by becoming aware of our feelings, which reveal to us that we are vulnerable beings. When we accept our vulnerability, we become soft. When we are soft we allow for changes to take place. We are active participants in the new reality being set up for us. Remember, we are co-creating with the universe or rather all other elements of existence. Our intention matches up with an experience that defines the source of our intention. If your intention is to be loved because you do not love yourself, you will continue to attract experiences in your life that reflect back to you the feeling of you not being loved. If in fact, your intention is to be loved purely for the sake of creating more love in the universe, then you will match up with an experience that reflects back to you more love from the universe. The key here is that the universe operates on predominant frequencies that are deeply embedded in the subconscious mind. This is why it is so important for us to get clear on where we’re really at in a transitional period. As we become fully present with our emotions of grief, pain, anger and fear we neutralize them through our non resistance to them. As a result, we are able to become aware of their true source. For example, you are not angry with your partner for leaving you. You are angry, because you are afraid of being alone. You are afraid of being alone, because you do not love yourself enough to be alone. As you move into your new creation after fully having embraced yourself in your experience of loss, you elevate to higher experiences that are more likely to develop in unconditional love, lasting happiness, oneness, trust and internal alignment.

The process of integration during transitional periods can only be done with patience. Healing does not have a timeline, nor does it need one. You will heal and move on when you’re ready, just like a cactus releases beautiful vibrant flowers when it’s ready. Your ability to nurture your experience and be kind to yourself in the process holds the potential for ecstasy, it is just like the beautiful flower braking free from the thorny cactus.