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This rad cover of “Sexy And I Know It” by LMFAO is currently blowing up the internet and blowing ladies’ minds. Turns out this guy looks a lot like me, and he is from South Carolina where I lived for …Read More

Pop and R&B legend Lionel Richie has suddenly popped on the charts again.  I love me some Lionel, and have since his glory days in the ’80s, so I was excited to see what he had going on. I wish …Read More

Update: Turns out I was right. This year’s Coachella music festival has been quite the success.  From an inspiring performance by Radiohead to a surprise song from Tupac, it has been… wait, Tupac?  Tupac is dead, right?  It’s true, he …Read More

Who doesn’t love free and new music?  Yesterday two of my favorite artists, The Gracious Few and Ben Folds, unleashed some new stuff on the internet.  Nothing major, two new songs, but hey new songs man!!   The Gracious Few, …Read More

It’s been a hard year for musicians. Clarence Clemons, Amy Winehouse, Dan Peek, and now Jani Lane have all passed on.  Jani, lead singer of the ’80s hair metal sensation Warrant, died yesterday of unknown causes.  Warrant was one of the …Read More

On Saturday my generation got it’s first major induction into the “27 Club” – Amy Winehouse.  Winehouse, whose career had been plagued by drug taking, drug addiction, and singing hits about drugs, died of unknown causes in her hotel room …Read More

The answer?  One million dollars. Check out the story at NPR If only there was something else all that money could be used for.  Starving children, cancer research, things like that… Follow the Prophet of Pop on Twitter and on Facebook!

Hit “Like” to share this with your friends! Now’s your chance ladies!! Idol finalists James Durbin and Stefano Langone are looking for two lucky fans who want to help them work out!  The two studly singers are working to get …Read More

Hit “Like” to share this with your friends! Despite intimate involvement in this years American Idol resurgence, emotional judge Jennifer Lopez may not return for a second season.  It seems that the “most beautiful woman in the world” may choose …Read More

Hit “Like” to share this post with your friends! Committed with John Legend Whew, that is too much vocal talent for one picture to handle!  Committed, last years winners on NBC’s hit show The Sing Off, have been busy celebrating the …Read More