The Prophet of Pop

This rad cover of “Sexy And I Know It” by LMFAO is currently blowing up the internet and blowing ladies’ minds. Turns out this guy looks a lot like me, and he is from South Carolina where I lived for many, many years. I am starting to wonder if we are long lost twins… and if he needs a drummer.

Turns out this kid played just last week for only forty people in his hometown. Now he is all over the place. The internet – changing lives every day! Good for him, I say!

I would love to be able to stick my head in the sand like a TV executive.

Now, granted, I don’t know too much about what they do, but I know one thing that they do – make decisions that don’t seem to make any amount of common sense. The third season of a capella singing show The Sing-Off  ended a good bit ago and with very little fanfare after a season that was overly long for the premise.

Since then though its winners Pentatonix have started to blow up with millions of youtube hits, high profile media appearances, and their first non-Sing-Off release coming out soon. By all accounts Pentatonix is well on their way to being the high profile act that the show wanted to produce. It’s a far cry from season two winners Committed, who God bless ’em, were nearly impossible to find on the internet at this point after winning the show.

A capella may finally make it, and NBC won’t be able to capitalize.

The decision doesn’t come without merit – the show’s ratings sagged badly in the third season. But to cancel it is to ignore what really happened – NBC took a successful format for the show and broke it. For its first two seasons the Sing-Off was an in between season treat for music lovers, it was a short season and did well enough to be renewed twice. Then in a fit of brilliance the network decided to try and make it one of its bigger reality competition shows.

Problem is, no one wanted that.

I’m sure it made someone some money, but this show was never going to have the market share of a show like The Voice or American Idol. It lacks the flash of other shows where the contestants have to have less talent, it always stayed away from manufacturing drama just to do it, and it was just too smart. It was a nerd’s show, I mean one of the judges was Ben Folds, come on! Anyone with any sense could have seen this coming when they announced a full season of a capella.

All isn’t lost, I suppose, there’s a chance that a cable network could have need of an inter-season show that would garner consistent ratings, but I don’t know how likely that is. It’s really a shame though. I had the opportunity to work with people around the show and they were all huge music lovers, and not to mention fantastic people. I truly wish them the best.

I also hope Pentatonix becomes a huge smash hit and it makes NBC look really, really stupid. Yes, I am that petty. Deal with it.

I can relate to this.  Hot dudes have problems too.  I’m just glad someone was brave enough to speak about this powerful message.

Pop and R&B legend Lionel Richie has suddenly popped on the charts again.  I love me some Lionel, and have since his glory days in the ’80s, so I was excited to see what he had going on.

I wish I hadn’t.  Here’s why:

That is a video of Lionel performing his famous Diana Ross duet with… Shania Twain??  Huh?  What are you doing Lionel??  Why are you destroying one of your own hit songs by “updating” it and performing it with a far lesser singer than Diana Ross?  I don’t understand!!!  YOU’RE TEARING ME APART LIONEL!!!

I really wish I had more in-depth commentary on this, but I am just confused.  People destroy other people’s songs all the time (see below), but to destroy your own song??  Augh!!  It makes no sense!!!!  Maybe this is a Terminator-esque thing.  Maybe “Endless Love” takes over the world in the future so they sent Shania Twain back in time to put a stop to it.  Right, right?!?

Oh, people are enjoying it??

I can’t take it, blog post over.  I would rather go watch this: