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Today is my last day with Beliefnet, and my last day as the author of this blog. The Text Messages archives will remain live at this location, but posting will cease.  If that sounds gloomy, it’s an accurate reflection of […]

Steven Waldman and David Gibson list a bunch of data from a group called Third Way that attempts to prove that lifting the so-called gag rule, which would allow U.S. dollars to go to clinics in developing countries that perform […]

Steve Waldman has created an archive of inaugural prayers throughout history. In my first read through these prayers, which go back to the 1937 prayer at Franklin D. Roosevelt’s inauguration, I was struck by how rarely we see a confessional […]

Movie Mom blogger Neil Minow put together a list of the top Comfort Movies–flicks that go down just right on those no-good, crummy, sniffling, sneezing days. Not a bad list, and hard to quibble with something as idiosyncratic as this. […]

This Beliefnet discussion on the OT and suffering is, of course of course, perennial and ancient and never-ending. But anyone who reads the Bible regularly has to face this question all the time. Is the Old Testament a record of suffering […]

Dave Banack is Beliefnet’s new Mormon blogger, and this week he’s launched a discussion series for a book titled How Wide the Divide: An Evangelical and a Mormon in Conversation. The book is 10 years old, but the subjects in […]

So asks Scot McKnight, prompted by a feisty exchange he had with Paul Raushenbush and the commenters at Raushenbush’s blog, which was prompted by Steve Waldman’s interview with Rick Warren.  The “evangelicals vs. fundamentalists” moment was the part of the Warren […]

Glenn Paauw says that Christmas is but the beginning of the Christian year, and should be treated as such.  By all means, immerse yourself in Advent and prepare for Christmas. Begin the cycle. But save yourself for the moment that […]

My favorite stuff from the last week: Scot McKnight on how a Third Way approach rankles liberals and irritates conservatives.  Rod Dreher on learning to be still in the face of constant media. Tony Jones on Multi-Issue Evangelicals (ie, the […]

This is Josh. He’s a student at a small college in Pennsylvania, and I had the pleasure of calling him a couple days ago to tell him he’d won the trip to Africa we sponsored with Children’s HopeChest. He’ll be […]