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Out on my customary walk with Lucy (my dog) this morning, and listening to the sounds the birds make at 5:45 a.m… Birds sing their hearts out to greet the morning.  The only exception seems to be if it’s raining …Read More

We’re spending a week with our oldest daughter and her husband.  They live about 320 miles from us, so we only get to see them every 6 weeks or so…I’ve posted about them before. They have two little girls that …Read More

Beautifully done!

 In honor of all of our troops who have served or are serving, I’m sharing my Christmas card from a few years ago.  I thank you for your service and sacrifice.  I pray our Heavenly Father will guide you and …Read More

Great message…

We walk in a world that is strange and unknown And in the midst of the crowd we still feel alone We question our purpose, our part and our place In this vast land of mystery suspended in space We …Read More

Amazing song–enjoy and be blessed in worship

Here’s my second compilation of a traditional hymn videos.  This has always been one of my favorites. Take a few minutes to watch them all together, or come back and start your day with a new one each morning… Be …Read More

I was almost to work today and had to turn the car around and hightail it home due to extreme nausea.  Fortunately, I made it back to the house before I actually lost it all (literally).  It’s a good thing, …Read More