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We walk in a world that is strange and unknown And in the midst of the crowd we still feel alone We question our purpose, our part and our place In this vast land of mystery suspended in space We …Read More

Here are a few really great quotes about overcoming fear.  I need to think about these because I can surely become paralyzed when I’m afraid. The drawings included here are from my collection of original pen and ink drawings.  I …Read More

  Every so often, I need to read inspirational quotes about life. It’s really easy, as we go about our daily routines, to lose sight of the big picture.  I found these quotes and I thought they were good.  Hope …Read More

Here are some profound thoughts from children: How old should you be to get married? “Eighty-four, because at that age, you don’t have to work anymore, and you can spend all your time loving each other in your bedroom.” -Judy, …Read More

Today we buried my brother-in-law, Henri Blits. It was a small, private Jewish service with an Air Force honor guard and loving tributes from his nieces and nephews, Rick and myself. Henri was 61 years old. He passed from this …Read More

FEAR It’s a nasty word, isn’t it?  All you have to do is think the word and all sorts of thoughts of past fears, current fears, fearful possibilities for the future come crowding into your mind.  I don’t know about …Read More

We all have times when it seems life is too hard and just doesn’t make sense.  The following quotes from Scripture address these time–I hope they bless you.  Be sure to watch the  video at the end for more comfort …Read More