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When writing their Facebook or blog profiles, evangelicals are fond of stating their interests are “not in that order.”

This is a popular saying with hazy meaning. Taken literally you might think God has abandoned his ancestral seat and is swanning about, but you infer from the context that can’t be what they mean.

Most of the blog comments left here that defend Christian culture are signed anonymous. It’s a fact.

Many married Christian men frequently state that their wife is hot. On Facebook, in Christmas letters and in their blog profiles, Christian guys make a point of saying this. A lot.

Christian culture enjoys inspirational email forwards. These are often sent en masse to everyone in the sender’s address book (cc’d, not bcc’d) and they usually feature centered text in varying boldness and font size throughout the message, made wonky by repeated forwards.

The logical conclusion here is that butt is more beneficial than ass. LMBO is very popular with the homeschooling sector.

Christian culture sends many emails and Christmas cards that are written as if they are from a baby. This is considered funny and/or cute