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Who does this? Well, a lot of Christians do.

Christian summer camp is strenuously anti-flesh. They want as little as possible on display.

Men in Christian culture see the swimsuit issue as their kryptonite.

As the Christian side hug gains notoriety, another type of hug seems to be evolving.

In a Bible study or fellowship group there comes a time (usually near the end) that you go around the circle and make prayer requests. This is an excellent time to air the dirt on absent friends under the guise of being lovingly concerned about their spiritual state.

There comes a time in every young evangelical’s life when he must roll up his sleeves, raise the black flag, and commence destroying his secular music.

The ring is ideally given to a girl by her dad, but if he isn’t on the scene or is otherwise apathetic then she might get one herself or ask her mom for one, either because she really does want to make this commitment or possibly because the Jonas Brothers wear them. (Bristol Palin had one too.)

When greeting someone of the opposite sex, Christians often employ the side hug. This is an unwritten rule of greeting so that you don’t mash your naughty bits together and trigger stumbling.*

It is not entirely clear why smoking is so taboo in Christian culture. On one hand, Christians hold the belief that your body is the temple of God and you should not defile the temple with something unhealthy. On the other hand, Christian culture members are not known for their cardiovascular fitness.

Who does this? Well, a lot of Christians do. If you google it you’ll find blogs and message boards filled with accounts of people who are waiting for their wedding day to kiss someone, anyone, for the first time.