Stuff Christian Culture Likes

Christian culture doesn't have a lot of room for people's hurt, especially when the hurt was caused by the Church.

A Christian college in Michigan recently acquiesced to pressure from its alumni and supporters after scheduling The New Pornographers to play on their campus.

Christian culture is sure there’s a way to be cool and be a Christian at the same time. They just don’t know what that way is exactly.

Evangelical churches are big on customer service. The last thing they want to do is alienate certain demographics.

American evangelicals conventionally eschew the smoking of anything but an exception is somehow made when a seminary student takes up the inevitable pipe.

Christian culture regards airplanes as excellent settings for evangelism.

There is an unwritten rule in Christian culture that pastor's wives do not work outside the home.

This is a fun little catchphrase that every pastor keeps chambered. He uses it after saying something he imagines was startling.

Much of American Christian culture opposes the plans for a mosque to be built at Ground Zero.

Who wants visit a boring-looking church with lame fonts and hymnals?

Stephanie Drury

Stephanie Drury

At one point or another I've been a willing participant in almost all the things I talk about here. I sort of consider myself an expert on Christian culture as I am a preacher's kid and I'm also married to a preacher's kid.  Christian culture is funny because it doesn't have much (if anything) to do with Christ himself.

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