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Christian culture gets married young. You just can’t fornicate if you’re married, and that takes care of that.

Who does this? Well, a lot of Christians do.

For all this talk about purity, the gray areas are not discussed.

Not all Christian couples share a Facebook account, but the people who do tend to be Christians.

Men in Christian culture like to say they have “married up” or “married out of their league.” They make a point to speak of their wife in glowing terms as often as possible.

PDA takes a specific form in the church pew. When a married couple sits together in church it’s understood that the husband will put his arm around the wife and keep it there until it’s time to grab a hymnal.

When couples in Christian culture get engaged they are encouraged to keep their engagement short. The engagement period is considered a ticking time bomb because of the difficulty of “staying pure.”

Christians aren’t the only people who say this, but they make up 93% of the people who do. The remaining 7% are some rogue non-Christians who are unabashed corndogs. In a Christian’s blog profile it’s categorically impossible for the spouse-as-best-friend …Read More

The chances that vestal sexytimes will be mentioned during the wedding ceremony are pretty high among Baptists and non-denominational evangelicals.

Married people in Christian culture like to talk about date night. It is considered vital to a successful marriage and is a frequent topic of discussion.