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Christian culture tends to omit the word “out” from the term “hanging out.” They just “hang.”

This is a popular saying with hazy meaning. Taken literally you might think God has abandoned his ancestral seat and is swanning about, but you infer from the context that can’t be what they mean.

Pastors who want to appear relevant dress with formulaic precision. They don’t want to be like the PC guy, they want to be like the Mac guy.

Christian pastors want to be relevant and cool. Relevant, missional, emergent church plant pastors who are Acts 29 do this.

Churches need to attract people. They need to be cool. It seems they think the message of Christ’s grace is not enough on its own, it must be accompanied by worship music played to tracks, preachers who offer sermon series such as “The Pathway of Peace”, and services that last 58 minutes. (Other words in the relevant lexicon include “emergent,” “resurgent,”
“missional,” and “authentic.”)

This is the new incarnation of the goatee in Christian pop culture. The goatee is quickly becoming the new mullet and this is the latest version of creative facial hair that is widely embraced among youth pastors, worship leaders and people ‘starting a ministry.’