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auf Wiedersehen

Jesus said being persecuted goes with the territory of following him, and some of those followers are really on the lookout.

This is a fun little catchphrase that every pastor keeps chambered. He uses it after saying something he imagines was startling.

“Awesome” is Christian culture’s favorite adjective for God. It’s their default descriptor when speaking of him.

Christian culture is the only demographic to employ the term “faith-walk.”

“Camp out” is code for “this is going to take awhile.”

When praying for somone’s safety, Christians use the phrase “hedge of protection.” They just can’t help themselves.

Backsliding is a word used by Christians when people fall away from the faith. The adjective form is “backslidden,” the present participle is “backsliding,” and if you want to sound southern the past participle is “backslid.”

Even the warehouse-iest of church buildings call their warehouse-y lobbies the narthex as it perhaps lends a bit of elegance, like saying fo-yay instead of foy-yer (the latter pronunciation being common in the Bible belt).

“Great insight” is the response of choice when a person in Christian culture says something spiritually poignant.