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Churches that fancy themselves relevant, missional and/or emergent either already have an iPhone app or are working on one as we speak.

Christian culture sure likes Africa. It is their continent of choice for missions work.

When you go to comment at a Christian’s blog there is a good chance it’ll say “your comment will be visible after approval.”

“Great insight” is the response of choice when a person in Christian culture says something spiritually poignant.

When writing their Facebook or blog profiles, evangelicals are fond of stating their interests are “not in that order.”

This is a popular saying with hazy meaning. Taken literally you might think God has abandoned his ancestral seat and is swanning about, but you infer from the context that can’t be what they mean.

Men in Christian culture often have giant man-crushes on Bono. Pastors who wish to be emergent/relevant sometimes quote him in sermons and work in a U2 lyric mention when they can.

Most of the blog comments left here that defend Christian culture are signed anonymous. It’s a fact.

Many married Christian men frequently state that their wife is hot. On Facebook, in Christmas letters and in their blog profiles, Christian guys make a point of saying this. A lot.

People in Christian culture surround themselves almost exclusively with other like-minded people. They do have some acquaintances who are non-Christians but these are not close friends. These acquaintances are most often neighbors, co-workers, and other people who aren’t easily avoided.