Here is the conference call with religious leaders about health care. Obama speaks toward the endMore info about 40 Days for Health Reform visit For info about conservative opposition, try the FRCAction.

Putting aside for a moment the substantive arguments for and against the public option, it occurs to me that if it were to die that would have one unintended consequence: defusing the abortion issue. When 19 pro-life Democrats wrote to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to say that they couldn’t support health care reform that encourage…

The Wall Street Journal today reported: President Barack Obama, trying to regain control of the health-care debate, will likely shift his pitch in September, White House and Democratic officials said, as he faces pressure from supporters to talk more about the moral imperative to provide health insurance to all Americans… A Democratic strategist said, “If…

It turns out that in terms of happiness, the big divide in America is not between believers and non- beliefers, or Christians and non-Christians — but those who are certain and those who aren’t. A recent study by Grand Valley State University found that ardent atheists were just as happy as ardent believers. Those nonbelievers…


Steve Waldman

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