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Depending on where you live the weather can changed drastically during the changing of the seasons.  If you live in Hawaii or Florida the changes will not be so dramatic.  Since I live in northern Ohio, I get to enjoy …Read More

Another thing we really enjoy at the county fair is the flower competition.  They have so many varieties; mums, dahlias, sunflowers, roses,.zinnias and some I’ve never seen before. I love most flowers, but some are just plain ugly.  I think snap …Read More

Another big attraction at the fair  is the game strip.  There are all kinds of games from Basketball toss to knock over the milk bottles.  They also usually have one where you race cars and one where you throw darts …Read More

Every August the Sandusky County Fair comes to our town.  Nothing changes much from year to year accept the grandstand shows and the prices.  One of the major attractions for us, senior citizens, is the food.  I love the waffles and …Read More

We went to the county fair last week and got there before the rides opened up.  There sat the lonely Ferris-wheel spinning around without anyone on it.  It was being faithful to provide the ride it’s passengers desired, but alas …Read More

Bridges are a good way of getting from one place to another.  Usually they cross over water, or train tracks, traffic patterns, or maybe just a small stream.  They can be composed of everything a board over a ditch to …Read More

Have you ever gone to a family reunion or church potluck and found that half of the food came straight from the store?  These occasions used to be a time to share and taste each other’s recipes.  We had a …Read More

Everything we see and hear on the news tells us what a bad place we are in.  The unemployment rate is up, the job possibilities are down, more people need food stamps and other financial assistance.  Life is horrible and …Read More

Summer is traditionally the time for vacations.  We spend a lot of time planning where we will go and what activities we want to do.  We make our motel reservations, check our airline schedules and decide which relatives will have …Read More

Have you ever been walking through Walmart or Krogers and saw someone in their PJs and slippers?  Since when is this the right way to dress?  There are signs posted in many stores and restaurants stating, “no shoes, no shirt…no …Read More