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In Dallas (naturally), a parenting magazine discusses how easy it is for mommies who don’t like their post-child bodies to get surgery — and to have it financed! — to reverse the effects of time and childbirth. Don’t like what […]

Here are 15 questions Google asks potential employees. Can you answer them? They broke my dang head.

By week’s end at the most, I’ll be saying goodbye to Beliefnet and moving this blog over to Big Questions Online. When I make the announcement, I’ll close all comments threads, because I won’t be able to monitor them anymore. […]

My 10-year-old son Matthew has had an Apple laptop for a couple of years; he’s been taking online classes for that long, and needs it for his schoolwork. Unsurprisingly, he’s become devoted to the thing, and talks about Steve Jobs […]

I’m so happy to share with you who have been praying for and thinking about my sister Ruthie and her fight against Stage 4 cancer some good news. She had a wound on her chest from where doctors had to […]

Said Kenneth Feinberg, appointed a short while ago by President Obama to oversee the $20 billion BP compensation fund: Pledging his independence from the federal government and BP, Feinberg said he plans to establish a centralized claim center, beef up […]

Last night I got caught up in watching old cigarette ads on YouTube. It’s like going into some Bizarro universe. Did you know there’s an entire series of Winston ads starring the Beverly Hillbillies? I swear, these are the weirdest […]

I was three and a half years old when this aired. I loved the little puppet lady with the red hair … and I couldn’t figure out why a man was named “Gale”.UPDATE: While I’m on the old-school TV subject, […]

Yesterday I was driving around and caught a Fresh Air interview with voice actor Billy West. I don’t know his work on “Futurama,” and almost turned the interview off before listening to it. Boy, that would have been a mistake. […]

Via Alan Jacobs, this Nathan Schneider essay laments a certain loss as we move to digital books. Excerpt: What concerns me about the literary apocalypse that everybody now expects–the at least partial elimination of paper books in favor of digital […]