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Tom Scocca’s extremely critical appraisal of the new Droid X smartphone is one of the most clever and devastating reviews I’ve ever seen. I cannot imagine reading this and wanting to go anywhere near the thing. Why? Here: I tried …Read More

I love my iPhone, but boy, do I hate AT&T, which all iPhone users have no choice but to commit to. Wired has a great piece up about the bad marriage between the two companies. Here’s an excerpt that should …Read More

Via Alan Jacobs, this Nathan Schneider essay laments a certain loss as we move to digital books. Excerpt: What concerns me about the literary apocalypse that everybody now expects–the at least partial elimination of paper books in favor of digital …Read More

Just look at this thing. It’s a vending machine for wine, now being tried out in Philadelphia. As regular readers and/or PA residents know, this state has a Soviet-style liquor-purchasing system in which you have to buy all wine from …Read More

Twisted Japanese art student lady invents device to teach men what it’s like to endure painful menstruation. As one of the Gizmodo comboxers wisenheimered, “So when will they invent a machine that simulates the unmitigated hell a man goes through …Read More

It’s not Godwin’s Law, it’s a lame “Seinfeld” reference! Anyway, Apple sells an apparent defective product to its customers, then allegedly tells its AppleCare reps to tell disappointed iPhone 4 users, “Tough ti**y said the kitty.” Excerpt: A purported internal …Read More

I don’t know if you’re reading the website The Oil Drum, and its commentary on the BP oil spill, but it’s a site that attracts a lot of knowledgeable industry workers and experts. You can learn a lot from it. …Read More

A friend told me once that she and her husband were considering putting their son in a particular private school, but were turned off by the principal’s focus on how much technology the school has invested in putting into the …Read More

BP says its “top-kill” attempt to stanch the oil and gas hemorrhaging has failed. Now what? It’s beginning to look like we’re going to have to watch that thing befoul the Gulf at least through August, when the relief well …Read More

Erin Manning passes along something wunnerful: iPad + Velcro from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.