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Attention-deficit disorders can take a big toll on marriage. Excerpt: In a marriage, the common symptoms of the disorder — distraction, disorganization, forgetfulness — can easily be misinterpreted as laziness, selfishness, and a lack of love and concern. More: Adults …Read More

I love my iPhone, but boy, do I hate AT&T, which all iPhone users have no choice but to commit to. Wired has a great piece up about the bad marriage between the two companies. Here’s an excerpt that should …Read More

When we were down in Louisiana a month or so ago, we made a pesto sauce. Turns out I was the only one who ate it. Afterward, for several days I couldn’t eat anything without it tasting really metallic and …Read More

Yes, says Deborah Blum, who says food faddists who go for raw milk are really putting themselves in danger for no good reason. Excerpt: But the subject of raw milk just makes people irrational. The doctor’s snit about his preferred …Read More

In case you missed them over the weekend, I put up three posts about quantum mechanics, faith and the theory that information is the basis for reality. Here they are, in order: Information, the basis of reality. Introducing a theory …Read More

A colleague mentioned the other day that younger scientists may fear getting involved with certain kinds of potentially fruitful research because they risk hurting their careers by flirting with what is now scientific heterodoxy. My colleague’s concern is that science …Read More

I haven’t blogged on the news that BP seems to have successfully capped the leaking oil well in the Gulf, because I don’t want to give in to false hope. But the news seems — seems seems seems — good. …Read More

In the “Information” thread below, Broken Yogi posted a length to this magazine article describing the pioneering work in quantum mechanics being done by Anton Zeilinger and his team in Vienna. Here’s how it ends: Late last year Brukner and …Read More

Yesterday at the Foundation, I heard a presentation by Hyung Choi, a physicist, philosopher and theologian who is in charge of our grant-giving in mathematics and the physical sciences. Hyung said that the emergence of quantum mechanics caused a revolution …Read More

You know how little kids, maybe at the age of three, start asking questions that are hard to answer? My kid Matthew is 10, but he’s at that stage again — except this time, he offers what he calls “theories,” …Read More