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When we were down in Louisiana a month or so ago, we made a pesto sauce. Turns out I was the only one who ate it. Afterward, for several days I couldn’t eat anything without it tasting really metallic and […]

I want to assure y’all that on the new blog, you’ll see fewer celebrity-snark posts, but I won’t abandon posts about food and wine, and some of the personal stuff (e.g., updates about my sister). You’ll still get Ruthie, and […]

Alexandra Reau is not yet old enough to drive, and just look: Lawn mowing and baby-sitting are standard summer jobs for the enterprising teenager. Alexandra Reau, who is 14, combines a little bit of each: last year, she asked her […]

Last night Julie and I went to dinner at Spring Mill Cafe, a wonderful French restaurant not far from my office. Chef Michele Haines had a special Bastille Day menu and program. One happy result of Pennsylvania’s stupid liquor laws, […]

That earlier GMO Eucharist thread got taken over by a discussion of gluten and celiac disease. I will re-post these lines from Ocholophobist, quoted in the original post, in hopes that y’all will want to discuss it here: [T]here is […]

Via The Browser, here’s a really good slice-of-life portrait of a small, rural Kentucky town where most people are obese. Excerpts: The residents of this town of 2,100 — 95 miles southeast of Lexington and deep in the Appalachian foothills […]

I invite you to go into the comboxes in the latest PA wine thread, in which I’m arguing with commenter Andrew about the crazy Pennsylvania wine laws. The whole thread is worth reading, I think, for full context. Here’s something […]

Just look at this thing. It’s a vending machine for wine, now being tried out in Philadelphia. As regular readers and/or PA residents know, this state has a Soviet-style liquor-purchasing system in which you have to buy all wine from […]

Madeline Holler is no Sharon Astyk, and she knows it. She and her husband left a relatively high-income lifestyle for a place in the Midwest, where they found themselves living on a third of what they had been making. Excerpts: […]

Finally, the government does something right in regulating the food system: The Food and Drug Administration urged farmers on Monday to stop giving antibiotics to cattle, poultry, hogs and other animals to spur their growth, citing concern that drug overuse […]