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I had the pleasure of interviewing Jason Bonham last week – what a life has he has had.  

Sorry to have been so quiet lately – lots of books deadlines to hit – BUT – I have had the pleasure lately of chatting with some interesting musicians – in particular, John Cooper from the Christian Rock band, Skillet …Read More

Recently, I spoke with legendary drummer Mike Portnoy (Dream theater, Liquid Tension Experiment, Transatlantic and now Adrenaline Mob) about his 9/11 memories. Mike shared not just his thoughts on where he was, but a strange coincidence that took place that …Read More

Recently I learned about a terrific singer/songwriter named Aldo Leopardi. Some background: “Backslash Records has announced  the sophomore release of Denver-based modern rock guitarist/singer-songwriter Aldo Leopardi. The Villains & Heroes EP features five original songs by Aldo Leopardi and his …Read More

I interviewed Jack Osbourne last week about the new documentary he co-produced about his dad, Ozzy. Jack was very thoughtful in our discussion and seemed like he approached this project with blunt honesty – this is by no means a …Read More

I spoke with former Talking Head David Byrne recently. In addition to talking about his new DVD, he explained how his performance style has changed since those wonderfully quirky days back at CBGB in the mid 1970s… “In the early …Read More

The Van’s Warped Tour just wrapped up it’s 17th tumultuous season. The rock and roll caravan-summer camp-musical lifestyle state fair featured more than 70 bands this year, and a driving force behind founder Kevin Lyman’s vision is the spirit of …Read More

…in short, it’s surviving a serious major surgery and regaining the ability to sing and tour. For almost 40 years, his voice has been an almost constant presence. In stadiums, concert halls and on the radio, Lou Gramm’s signature set …Read More

I spoke with Paul Stanley recently when he and Gene Simmons took part in an event that helped create some conversational unity across the planet. It was called “Kiss Live and Global” and the event was presented and hosted by …Read More

I recently interviewed legendary Kiss bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons about the new season of his hit reality show, “Gene Simmons Family Jewels.” We covered a lot of bases, but Simmons was particularly focused on talking about the troops – which no …Read More