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At sunset today (October 31, 2012), a significant holiday on the religious calendars of Wiccans and other Neopagans will begin. However, which particular Wiccan holiday it happens to be will vary, depending upon which particular hemisphere of the world — …Read More

Or, to put the question more precisely: how internally diverse are each of the world’s religions? Most people understand that the religious landscape is a very diverse place. A plurality of different religions, major and minor, exist in the world, …Read More

With the end of the annual Hajj period fast approaching, Muslims today (as I write, Friday, October 26) are celebrating the first day of a major multi-day Islamic holiday. The conclusion of the Hajj, or pilgrimage at Mecca, is marked …Read More

Today (as I write, Wednesday, October 24), millions of Muslims from all over the world are arriving in the holy city of Mecca, in Saudi Arabia. They are converging upon this holiest of Islamic holy cities on the eve of …Read More

In a previous series of blog entries, I addressed a common basic question: How MANY religions are there? In my immediately preceding blog entries, I addressed a followup question: How BIG are the religions? In this blog entry, I’d like …Read More

In my previous blog entry (Part One of this series), I remarked that if I were from Mars, and knew absolutely nothing about Earth’s religions, then in order to begin to familiarize myself with the spiritual “lay of the land,” …Read More

The overarching purpose of this entire “Religion 101” blog of mine is primarily to introduce newcomers to the study of religion, as well as newbies just starting out on a personal spiritual search, to the wider world of global religion …Read More

As I write, Hindus in India and beyond are preparing for the beginning of Navratri (or Navaratri, Sanskrit for “Nine Nights”), a major Hindu harvest-time religious festival. As its name implies, Navratri is a celebration running nine nights in a …Read More

In my last blog entry, I continued to ask (or perhaps dance around) the simple question: How many religions are there in the world? Now, at last, I shall meet the question head on. Never mind about all of the …Read More

In my last several blog entries, I have been asking (or perhaps dancing around) the simple question: How many religions are there in the world? Never mind about all of the myriad bygone religions of the remote past. We touched …Read More