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No wonder CBS didn’t have a problem with this ad:Brilliant move by Focus on the Family, the pro-aborts had a cow over the ad and now look like extremists since the ad doesn’t even mention abortion plus the ad was […]

Here’s the Focus on the Family ad with Tim Tebow. It’s the ad that’s running during the pre-game show (there’s a second ad that runs during the game). Pretty benign, doesn’t mention abortion at all:(via)

It’s sad that they couldn’t just photograph real diversity instead of inventing it. I think it demonstrates the emptiness of being PC. You want to give the appearance of being diverse when you’re not. Like make up, it’s something you […]

The woman’s daughter had a disagreement with another girl, so the woman posts a sexually suggestive ad to Craigslist with the girl’s telephone number. And what’s worst she’s a social worker. She’s had to have dealt with abused children while […]

Oh.My.Heck, people! Let the poor homeless take what you throw away! Are we so cruel that we would begrudge people our trash? The locks are being tested at the request of residents who lobbied for city protection from the homeless, […]

William Saletan of Slate attempts to make the case that the pro-life community isn’t living up to our rhetoric. If we really believed the unborn and the born have equal standing, then we should be like Scott Roeder, stopping with […]

All of the citizens of California, lefties, the rightwing and the gay community, should be thankful for the California Supreme Court’s decision concerning Prop 8. Democracy prevailed! As the SF Gate notes: California’s voters, not its courts, are the final […]

Yes, it’s certainly an Internet wide phenomenon: Most people are adamant: They would never do it. Ever. Never deliberately inflict pain on another person, just to obtain information. Ever artificially inflate the value of some financial product, just to take […]

What is the purpose of this report? Are we supposed to feel sorry for the couple? Be moved to extend unemployment benefits to those who are self-employed? To those who are retired? The self-employed know they won’t get unemployment benefits, […]

Yes, the fur industry keeps us safe from those vicious minks who are just waiting to attack us if given a chance: The Chanel supremo said it was “childish” to even discuss the issue of wearing fur in a world […]