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Very funny video of two talking heads on the BBC Sky News speculating why Biden has a mark on his forehead (they wonder if he got the mark in Vancouver :-). Wait for the punchline at the end:Update: Pretty clueless …Read More

Sorry about my absence from the blog, I lost my lap so I couldn’t use my laptop 🙂 Though, it’s a little more complicated than that. I didn’t have the energy to post. I still surfed the net but didn’t …Read More

As I wait for the results of my blood test, I find comfort from this Psalm: ESV Psalm 130:1 Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord!2 O Lord, hear my voice!Let your ears be attentiveto the voice …Read More

Mark Driscoll went to Haiti to find out the condition of the church in Haiti. So much devastation, so many dead, so much need, it’s overwhelming but I bet that the pastors Driscoll met felt comforted by the fact that …Read More

It’s amazing to watch rescues like this in Haiti and see the faith of the people who know that God would send help. This woman is pulled from the wreckage of her home and then thanks God and sings do …Read More

OMH! Jon Stewart doing a much better job than Pat Robertson finding words of comfort for the Haitian people. Pretty amazing, huh?

I know I’m really late (was very tired from the chemo this week) on posting this video of Pat Robertson making his usual heartless, cruel and unChristian remarks about the earthquake in Haiti:It’s as if the guy has never heard …Read More

Logos is celebrating their new app for the iPhone/iTouch by giving away an iTouch. Details here.

I wanted to let you guys know that I appreciate your prayers and comments concerning the return of my cancer. It has been very difficult to deal with the knowledge that a deadly disease is trying to end my life. …Read More

I’m finally back online! It took my husband hours yesterday to fix the problem, I’m blessed to have such a knowledgeable and patient husband. I was able to back up my computer because VAIO has a data recovery program, so …Read More